Digitalization is transforming B2B sales. Make money, save time, and increase sales with digital B2B catalogs.

Using a B2B catalog, you can share product images and key information such as pricing, colors, sizes, availability, and delivery dates. Outdoor, lifestyle, home goods, and fashion industries have seen their digital counterparts provide undeniable advantages in the past two years.

We’ve compiled a few important reasons why you shouldn’t wait – start your digital transformation today!


Give your customers an easier and faster way to support your brand. Shoppable images and videos can be found in digital B2B catalogs so buyers can buy with just one click. With digital payments, you can accept credit cards, set up automated payment terms (such as payment upon shipping) and even offer instant point-of-sale financing at checkout – all great tools that will encourage retailers to purchase. When buyers aren’t ready to finalize their orders, eCatalogs help them plan with one-click order drafts, digital notes, and sharing capabilities.


Make your company’s vision come to life with an eCatalog. You can present the right B2B eCommerce platform with high quality images, videos, zoomable 360° images, and 3D models to help your customers make informed purchases. It’s important to find a solution that makes it easy to create an experience buyers won’t soon forget – but keep in mind, a custom catalog is only as useful as you make it. With flexible templates and drag-and-drop functionality, choose a product that makes it easy to swap out images and update information.


B2B eCommerce platforms with digital catalogs enable buyers to place orders while you sleep! Sell to retailers around the globe during the most convenient timeframes for their schedules with 24/7, 365 sales. When you use a top product digital catalog app solution, your buyers can shop in their own currencies and languages. Furthermore, your digital B2B catalog will facilitate remote collaboration between your in-house team and external sales representatives.


Using digital catalogs at in-person meetings and trade shows reduces waste and reduces costs.

CRM Runner, for example, is a digital B2B catalog that also allows you to reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

Quickview of CRM Runner Digital Catalog Solution:

With CRM Runner’s digital catalog feature, you can sell more products or services. Having a digital catalog of your products will allow you to visually demonstrate your different products/services to your clients.

  • Create categories and sub-categories.
  • Upload images for each product or service.
  • Create package estimates to be created when product/service is submitted.
  • Convert all to estimate/invoice.
  • Take payment on the go.

By clicking on catalog products, you will be able to create a full estimate and close the deal or send it to the client for approval.

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