Presentation is everything in sales. CRM Runner offers a powerful tool for showcasing products and services – the digital catalog creation feature. The purpose of this blog is to explore how CRM Runner enables businesses to sell more effectively by creating stunning digital catalogs.

Boost Your Sales Efforts

CRM Runner is dedicated to helping businesses sell more products and services, and the digital catalog feature is at the forefront of this mission. By providing a visually appealing and interactive catalog, you can captivate your clients and significantly enhance your sales process.

Visual Showcase of Products/Services

Imagine having the ability to visually showcase your array of products and services right in front of your clients. With CRM Runner’s digital catalog, you can do just that. Whether you’re meeting a client in person or presenting remotely, the catalog enables you to present your offerings in a compelling and engaging manner.

Effortless Estimations

One of the standout features of CRM Runner’s digital catalog is its seamless integration with the estimation process. When clients click on catalog products, a full estimate is generated instantly. This streamlines the sales process, allowing you to close deals faster or send estimates to clients for approval.

Organize with Categories and Subcategories

Organization is key when it comes to managing your products and services. CRM Runner understands this and enables you to create categories and subcategories within your digital catalog. This categorization ensures that your catalog is structured and easy for clients to navigate.

Visually Appealing with Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, and CRM Runner recognizes the importance of visuals in sales. You can upload high-quality images for each product or service in your catalog. These images not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide clients with a clear understanding of what you offer.

Create Package Estimates

Selling bundles or packages? CRM Runner has you covered. You can create package estimates that are automatically generated when a product or service is selected. This simplifies the quoting process and ensures that clients have a comprehensive view of the value you provide.

Seamless Conversion to Estimate/Invoice

Once your client is ready to make a purchase, CRM Runner makes it effortless to convert the catalog selections into estimates or invoices. This ensures a smooth transition from browsing to transaction, streamlining your sales process.

Take Payments on the Go

CRM Runner goes the extra mile by allowing you to accept payments on the go. This flexibility enables you to close deals and collect payments wherever you are, providing convenience to both you and your clients.

To conclude, CRM Runner’s digital catalog creation feature is a game-changer for businesses looking to boost sales. CRM Runner enables businesses to sell more efficiently and effectively with visual product showcases, seamless estimation integration, organizational tools, high-quality images, package estimates, and on-the-go payment capabilities. With CRM Runner, you can say goodbye to outdated sales methods and welcome a new era of captivating and streamlined sales presentations.