Controlling inventory effectively can often mean the difference between being able to fulfill an order and not. Inventory is a major asset for the majority of businesses, but if it is mismanaged, it can cause endless problems such as inconsistent high or low stock levels, miscommunication between warehouses, and fulfillment delays.

It is critical to protect your company from poor inventory management. Unfortunately, many wholesalers rely on employees to manually monitor and respond to inventory changes. This approach exposes a company to errors and increases risk, both of which can harm its reputation. Isn’t it time you got the information you need when you needed it? A CRM Software can be of help.

How CRM Runner helps in managing Low Stock Alerts?

  • CRM RUNNERis one of the best CRM software that keeps you up to date on your inventory and what products are running low.
  • When you receive a low-stock alert, you can order more stock to keep the cash flow flowing smoothly. Let’s look at how low-stock alerts can help you.
  • Set up stock level alerts in seconds.
  • Alerts will be delivered via notification and email.
  • It allows you to prepare more inventory and stay organized.
  • Keep the sales figure increasing.
  • Examine your sales with items that are triggered.

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