Does your business struggle to market, sell, or support customers? Do you feel personalized communication could have gotten you more deals closed? You could have nurtured a better customer relationship with your customers with tailored communications, right?

You can now easily do all these, by designing your own customized work plan. CRM Runner’s plan room enables you not only to create customized work plans but also to attach client estimates and take photos of the location where your services are provided. With CRM Runner, you can quickly access a 360-Degree Customer View to facilitate efficient and effective communications.

The Sales funnel tool in CRM Runner will help you assign calls from clients to the right team so they’re handled smoothly. By simply clicking on the sales funnel page, employees can contact the next potential client via phone, text message, or email. If you are in touch with potential customers, you can update information regarding them in the same program, take notes during the call, check inventory and change estimates and invoices as needed. Anyone who has permission can see the notes attached to any task or project.

Plus, you can schedule follow-up calls based on earlier communications. All relevant information about calls and movements through the sales funnel will be available real-time for managers and employees.

Keeping inventory, equipment, and staff in the loop with GPS tracking is super handy. With VoIP technology, call recording, call forwarding, and dialing are all done in a matter of clicks. The CRM personalized customer communication feature in CRM Runner will allow users to assign existing numbers to users with cloud PBX. You can connect people with different packages, even ones with unlimited packages.