One of the most daunting components of retail management is maintaining accurate inventory for efficient sales.  Whether in a storefront, warehouse, or online, retail sales requires organization and accurate recording keeping.  Too many retail leaders are using outdated methods to maintain inventory and complete sales, not taking advantage of new all-in-one CRM solutions available today.  CRM RUNNER, for example, not only allows for sales orders to be completed directly within its software, but also maintains accurate inventory of your product while doing so.

Inventory Maintenance using CRM Software is an intuitive process.  Users are granted various permissions within the system, so only those with the authority to do so have access to edit and change inventory items.  Inventory items can be priced differently, and the system allows for use of serial numbers for rare and valuable items like collector pieces, computers, video games, or small electronics.  Wholesale and purchase information can be listed on the back end as well, so you have quick access to the details you need while completing sales and filling orders.  The system also handles returns, offering return codes to customers so that they are processed appropriately.  Inventory can also be tracked logistically thanks to GPS within CRM RUNNER.  If you are operating over multiple locations or franchises, each location can have its own tag and inventory, which especially serves useful for brick and mortar retail stores.  CRM RUNNER presents several attractive and informative reports based on customizable templates that will feature your business pertinent information. With these benefits, retail stores can operate successfully with CRM technology.

As you move product, the payment process can be simplified using the same CRM RUNNER software.  Orders can be converted from estimates to invoices in a snap.  Additional documents can even be attached showing order specifications, special handling or care instructions, promotions and marketing materials, or whatever else your customer may need.  The paperwork follows customizable templates which can carry your business logo and information.  Some companies choose to include return policies directly on the invoice.

Payment for orders can be completed within CRM RUNNER thanks to its capability to use your current software through software integration.  This makes opening and closing an order easier as it all occurs in the same place – and the inventory automatically updates as you move through the transaction.

Retail businesses sell everything from craft supplies to dance costumes, from hair dryers to power drills.  No matter what product you offer your customers, CRM technology provides the functionality of inventory control and easy payment processing so that sales are made with accuracy and ease.

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