If you run an installation business, a CRM system will help you get the most critical elements of your business organized to the satisfaction of your customers

Most business tools are directed at product-based business. When you manage an installation operation, you need tools to help you not only maintain a quality product, but, you also need to be properly equipped to manage the service side of your business.

In an age of Google reviews guiding customer expectations, satisfaction with your service technicians is vital to maintaining your customer base and growing your business through customer recommendations.

Handle all the details with the best CRM online system. Installation services require consistent, accurate, real-time communication between employees and customers alike.

Customers want to know when to expect a service technician for your installation service in order to arrange their own busy schedules. Tardiness or poor communication are among the top complaints when customers leave a poor review for an installation service.

With CRM Runner, managers have the hawk-eye view of every technician’s schedule and can directly verify with each staff member regarding work schedule expectations. The same application allows for real-time notification to the customer as to what time your professional installers are expected to arrive on site. This feature of the CRM system is vital to weeding out substandard performers in your organization in order to put the best service providers on your work force.

CRM System

Track the progress of your installation technicians with the CRM Runner’s GPS reporting system.

When extenuating circumstances arise in the installation technician’s schedule, a business manager is able to verify the location of an employee and inform the customer of any changes in schedule with CRM Runner. Using a GPS system, CRM Runner monitors the location of every technician throughout the day.

Depending on your own schedule, the online CRM system will provide a day-end report of what was completed and how much time was required for each employee to complete tasks. This feature makes it possible for managers to monitor the progress of the entire staff without having to use valuable time and resources shadowing every installation job.

An online CRM system reports on the whereabouts of employees as well as equipment from its departure from the warehouse to its final destination.

You have a product designed to make your customers’ lives easier; this product is valuable and it’s critical to know how much of your product is ordered, used, replaced, etc.

Maintaining appropriate inventory and allowing for mistakes and damage is one of the largest obstacles for installation businesses. Verify your necessary quantities with the valuable data tracked effortlessly on an online CRM system. The reports gathered from this feature make it possible to evaluate inventory to avoid overstock of unnecessary or unpopular products.

Additionally, know when the products have left the warehouse and arrived at the work site. Gather details of what happens to installation tools and when they are checked back into company inventory. You also have the ability to see when a work truck leaves and returns from wherever you happen to be without the need for extra manpower to check in and out with service utilities.

Improve your customer retention and business growth by optimizing your work flow efficiencies with the best online CRM system.

Running a business means you need office time to spend on marketing, product evaluations, customer service improvement strategies, etc. Without an enormous amount of time to spend on the evaluation of manpower and making sure your employees are operating to the satisfaction of your customers while representing your business with the utmost professionalism, a CRM system will help you gather all the data you need at the click of a button or a glance at the phone app.

Your installation business will stand out against the competition when you have the ability to know your staff is where they need to be when they’re expected to be there. Keeping your customers happy will keep them coming back to you and increase the likelihood they’ll recommend you to others who need your products and services. An all-inclusive CRM management system will make a remarkable difference in up scaling your customer service and inventory procedures. CRM Runner will save you money and time lost too often on low quality performers, supplies, and lost clientele due to inefficient service.

To learn more about CRM Runner and how your business will grow through increased efficiencies, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.


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