There are many ways for businesses to get leads, including advertisements, cold calls, emails, and more. Today, managing them requires having efficient customer relationship management software. Do you think an Excel spreadsheet would be adequate? Then you start to think about the immediate future.


You can manage your prospects centrally, maintain effective communication with them, and give them ongoing nurturing by using CRM software.


1. Generating Leads

You can send and receive emails while managing client information in one location thanks to the CRM Runner integration of email users into the system. The emails are conveniently grouped by conversations and automatically associated with the appropriate contact. Now, without leaving the solution, you can monitor emails, create templates, and send bulk emails.


2. Monitoring Your Leads

Once a prospect enters the sales cycle, their profile is enhanced with information that is readily available to the public, such as their jobs, company name, social media profiles, and more. Your teams won’t have to waste valuable time manually entering data because of this. CRM for sales keeps track of their website activity, including pages, visited and links clicked.


3. Choosing the Right Leads

To assess a lead’s sales readiness, a process of ranking the prospects is used. Prospects are graded according to their level of interest in the product or service, where they are in the buying cycle, and how well they fit the company’s needs.


4. Lead Distribution

Learn everything there is to know about your sales department when operating a small business. However, the conventional process will prolong the lead response time as your sales team expands.


To organize the team, auto-allocate leads, assign contact information to territories, transfer calls to them, and do much more, you can use CRM solution to generate a systematic rule-based sales territory management plan.


You can easily customize and organize interactions with a CRM system. Additionally, you can listen in on lead conversations to figure out where they are in the pipeline. Are you ready to jump in? Begin your 14-day free trial today. Call us at 877.590.0040 today!