The Easiest CRM for Small Businesses Helps Manage Work Flow and Client Communications

Solutions for common problems that business owners and solopreneurs face are not always obvious.  Finding time to handle paperwork, marketing and servicing clients are the major challenges that most owners report.  The solution for these problems is implementing the use of one of the easiest CRM system for small businesses.

Easiest CRM for Small Businesses

The easiest CRM for small businesses integrates into day to day operations seamlessly

While many business owners think about features and cost when evaluating a new CRM, that isn’t the biggest factor to consider.  The easiest CRM for small businesses works with the way a business already functions.  Features that allow team members to go about their day in a similar way to before makes it easier for team members to want to use the CRM system.

When looking for the easiest CRM for small businesses, owners should engage in a free trial before making a final decision.  What looks ideal on the surface may not work well for how employees complete tasks.  CRM systems that streamline processes and take care of repetitive tasks will help managers feel more informed and keep employees more accountable.


CRM Runner - Manage your Business


 What features are in the easiest CRM for small businesses?

User friendly features are an important part of the easiest CRM for small businesses.  Some systems offer more than a business needs and some don’t offer enough features or customization to entice employees  to use it.  Once the system has been seen as an inconvenience by team members it will be hard to see the value and educate them on the why behind it’s use.  The following features are thought to make it less difficult to run and manage a small business.

Client communication tracking

A software that tracks client communications all in one place is beneficial to small businesses that are growing.  Real time updates keep employees, managers and customers in the know with one action.  When customers feel like everyone they talk to knows about is a concerned with their problems, they turn into lifelong purchasers.

 Employee monitoring tools

Monitoring employees and their performance from anywhere through an app is the number one time saver for managers.  Understanding where employees are and exactly what they accomplished is vital to knowing who to replace and who to promote.

 Scheduling and timekeeping

The easiest CRM for small businesses also includes timekeeping and scheduling functionality.  Most small businesses utilize several different programs to accomplish these tasks.  Keeping it all together gives a better overall picture of the business, it’s employees and the clients that it serves.

The differences in a CRM for one person business and the easiest CRM for small businesses

There are few differences in the easiest CRM for small businesses and a CRM for a one person business.  Aside from not needing to track employees, most features needed in a CRM for a one person business are also needed to effectively manage a small business.  Solopreneurs that have thought about growing may want to experiment with employee tracking features and reporting before making a hire.

The main difference in the small business and the one person show is that information must be readily available in a CRM for a one person business.  This same thing is also what makes using a CRM for a one person business just as important as it is for a small business with employees and more than one location.  A CRM, like CRMRunner, that is available from anywhere is ideal for when one person is running the show.

 A CRM for one person business should be cloud based

A CRM for a one person business has to be available from anywhere.  When one person is running the entire business the ability to answer a customer’s question and find out if the product they need is in stock – all while in route to the next sales meeting is essential.  Logging on from anywhere with internet to have access to a customer list, lead information and sales trends can help a one person business get an edge over their competition.

Automating processes that run in the background helps a solopreneur get everything done and scale for growth.  When a CRM is working for a business, it’s like having another set of hands and an assistant that keeps up with everything.  CRM users say that can make all the different for an owner/operator that lacks time and energy.


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