Does Your Business Need the Biggest CRM Software?

Not all businesses need the biggest CRM software on the market.  While a CRM system will bring added value to any business, choosing the right type and not the biggest CRM software is the best choice.  Equipped with features that aide in customer satisfaction, most client relationship management software programs are designed to help streamline processes and improve workflow.

Some of the biggest CRM software programs on the market focus on communications and sales but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to integrations and customize-able reporting.  Often business owners that are looking to grow are left putting in extra hours to make sure that all aspects of the business are taken care of.  With a CRM system designed to work with their business, owners will see better results than if they opt to choose the biggest CRM software based on size alone.

Biggest CRM Software

What is CRM software?

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  This type of software is designed to keep and track communications with clients in one central location.  A far cry from keeping client information in a spreadsheet, CRM systems help streamline the way customers receive information.  Basic CRM systems often focus solely on client communication while some of the biggest CRM software programs contain features that help maintain all aspects of a business.


How can using an online CRM software improve your business?

Business owners who choose to implement the use of an online CRM software report increased effectiveness from employees.  Most notably, the automation of repetitive tasks frees up time for managers and owners to focus on customer retention and new client acquisition. With the right CRM software, business owners will be able to create reports that can be easily completed and instantly reviewed.

Web based CRM software makes it easy for every employee to be up-to-date on their schedule, what the customer expects and what the manager needs – at the click of a button. An online CRM software that includes web based CRM applications is essential to allowing managers to check in on every job; no matter where they are in their day.  Dashboards and GPS tracking built inside online CRM software can help business owners accurately evaluate sales, progress and employees – in seconds.

An online CRM system that keeps everyone in the know can help improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.  Time spent tracking down employees for updates and on administrative tasks is more appropriately spent obtaining new customers with the use of an online CRM software.  When time and job progress are tracked right inside the application, updated in real time and available from anywhere there is an internet connection, the ways in which an online CRM software cam improve a business are limitless.

What are the best CRM features for your business?

 When choosing an online client relationship management system, it’s important to evaluate the CRM features and the CRM tools list to see if it is a good fit for the way the business is currently operating.  Implementation of an online CRM system is more effective if using it integrates seamlessly into the way the employees currently work.

Many CRM features are universal and can benefit many different types of businesses.  Often using different programs for different parts of business becomes a time consuming effort.  It can be hard to see how much time and money is wasted on the management of information without having access to a CRM tools list and an application with beneficial CRM features.

The most effective CRM features for businesses

 Tracking client communication is an essential and basic function for a CRM system.  The best CRM systems in 2019 have features that integrate and track client communication automatically from several platforms.  Text message, chat boxes and automatic tracking of emails are CRM features that can be helpful for client satisfaction.

Up-to-date reporting is a beneficial CRM feature for all businesses.  When a system includes this feature it usually allows managers to have a more accurate picture of what is getting accomplished without being on-site with every technician or member of the sales team.

GPS location of employees and inventory is a CRM tool that can aide service based industries in locating where technicians are working and how long they have been there.  With this CRM feature, even hard to pin down sales staff can be held accountable.

Job site updates aren’t available with all CRM systems.  Most often used for service calls and field staff jobs, this CRM feature can help a manager effectively know what is going on at multiple sites.  This enables managers to be more effective at managing multiple projects.

Integrated time keeping and invoicing is a beneficial CRM feature for all business sizes.  Time sheets and payments can be integrated directly into Quickbooks with some CRM systems.  This unique feature allows employees to clock in and out and accept payments inside the same application.

A CRM feature that is often overlooked is customize-able reporting and dashboards.  When managers are able to customize what reports look like they can make them exactly like reports that employees are used to filling out on paper.  Managers can also customize what their dashboard tells them about their business with this effective CRM feature.

Find CRM software examples

A CRM software provider that knows they have an effective CRM will be able to provide customer testimonials and CRM software examples.  Video tutorials and screenshots can be very valuable when helping employees acclimate to using the new CRM system.  An online system without CRM software examples available may be harder to implement.  Managers may need to help employees learn to use the system if appropriate training and CRM software examples aren’t accessible.

Look for CRM software companies that offer a free trial. 

A CRM software provider should stand behind their product by offering a trial.  After a free trial, ask employees for their feedback before purchasing from a CRM software company.  Finding the right online CRM system is about ensuring that it works into the way a business currently operates.  A CRM software provider like CRM Runner will help a business owner choose the right package for how they do business.  To learn more about CRM Runner, sign up for a free trial here.


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