Top 5 CRM Tools in 2019

Using the top 5 CRM tools to help manage a business is a good strategy for 2019.  Customer relationship management software has come a long way since the Rolodex from the 80s.  Using the best CRM tools, software providers are now producing robust systems.  These systems are providing many CRM solutions for managers and business owners.

When a business is growing, the notepad by the phone where messages are kept becomes inefficient.  The more a business grows the more likely it is that the managers will need extra help keeping track of employees, inventory and sales.  Hiring and training staff is too costly for many business owners, which makes an automated CRM solution ideal for growth.

The best CRM systems take advantage of the innovative technology available.  Easy integrations and web based CRM tools are the most effective way to streamline processes. Customizable features and reporting that are accessible anywhere keeps business owners informed and employees working in the most efficient manner.

Top 5 CRM Tools in 2019

Are CRM solutions worth the cost?

One of the biggest concerns many business owners have with implementing a CRM solution is the cost. Comprehensive CRM systems are worth the cost if they integrate easily into the way you already work and if they have the best CRM tools for how your business operates. Not all customer relationship management software works well for every type of company and every work flow.  The best CRM systems have customizable features that enable managers from several different industries to streamline how they work.

CRM cost is less important than how the CRM system works with your business.  The value of the time saved by the best CRM tools is more than worth the added expense. Calculating the CRM cost should be a small part of the decision to implement an online customer relationship management software. Far more important is the improved customer service and decreased time spent tracking down employees or inventory.

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The best CRM tools are cloud based

In 2019, having an online CRM platform makes the most sense.  Software that works with CRM applications and update in real time will keep businesses ahead of their competitors.  Cloud based applications keep managers and employees on the same page with integration of communications channels.  Managers can see where field staff are and when the last communication with a customer took place all by just logging on.

The best CRM systems on the market integrate features that allow managers to oversee all parts of their business in one place.  Inventory, scheduling and reporting is all housed in one program with an all inclusive CRM solution.  With a web-based system, managers can access everything about their business from anywhere that has internet.

Top 5 CRM tools

When business owners begin the search for an online CRM platform, it can be overwhelming. With so many companies and programs to choose from, the research gets put on the backburner.  Keeping up with trends and customer expectations in 2019 may require the use of the top 5 CRM tools available.

 Integrated Invoicing

Most CRM systems track customer information but few are able to produce an estimate, an invoice and take payment with just a few clicks.  One of the most effective CRM solutions for improving customer service, invoicing and payment capabilities also helps managers keep better track of revenue. The best CRM systems include seamless integration with other popular software programs like QuickBooks to further decrease the time owners spent on administrative tasks.

GPS Tracking

One of the best CRM tools in use for 2019 is GPS tracking.  A large percentage of businesses rely on field staff and mobile sales teams to help them grow and many of them report being unable to tell if those team members are actually working.  With GPS tracking employees can be located by using the CRM application on their device.  Managers report that the use of GPS tracking increases their ability to hold employees accountable and evaluate their performance.

 Inventory Notifications

CRM solutions in 2019 should include inventory tracking.  Business owners are often forced to use different programs to manage inventory and work orders.  The best CRM systems have inventory tracking built in.  Taking it a step further, leading software providers are also including inventory notifications as one of the top 5 CRM tools.  Anyone with inventory permissions can receive notifications on their screen when supplies run low with the use of an effective customer management software.

 Customizable reporting

A must have feature in the best CRM systems is customizable reporting.  Many programs include reporting features but few allow the manager to curate a report that mimics what they currently use.  With reports that are similar to what they are accustomed to using, managers report less pushback from employees using the new process. The best CRM tools are easy to use and give managers the flexibility to only find out the information they need.


CRM systems that include timekeeping for employees are remarkably more helpful than those without the feature.  Employees can clock in and out on their CRM application.  Integrated with GPS tracking, the best CRM systems all managers to know where employees are when they are punching the clock.  Built in timecard features also make payroll and budgeting staff hours as simple as clicking a mouse.

CRM solutions for businesses in 2019 include a large variety of features and customizable options.  Online systems provide a more streamlined approach to managing a business that ultimately results in more satisfied customers.  The best programs include the top 5 CRM tools and provide a web-based solution for tracking day to day operations.  For more information on a CRM system with the top tools and features of 2019, click here.


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