Construction Management Software Designed with Job Sites In Mind Increases Revenue

Construction companies need specific features in a CRM to help them effectively manage multiple job sites and crews that work in the field.  As construction businesses grow, the number of job sites and projects to order material for pile up.  Often businesses that see a lot of growth quickly find tasks being missed and corners being cut if they aren’t using a construction management software.

It isn’t long before customers start to complain and managers feel like they don’t know what is going on at any project.  During this growth period, those managers are most likely found driving from site to site to check on progress while also trying to bring in new customers, create new estimates and even keep up with what project needs which materials.  It’s missed things like unneeded inventory, underperforming employees and forgotten messages that start to add up the hits that profit margins take.

Construction Management Software

How does Construction Management Software help increase revenue?

Construction management software helps increase revenue by keeping managers informed of job site progress, tracking employee locations and staying on top of inventory.  Not all CRMs work well as a construction project management software, so it’s important to make sure that the features offered meet the needs of the company.  Choosing to use a construction management software mostly helps managers know what is going on in their business without being everywhere at once.

Construction companies function mainly with field staff.  Crews and work vans take material to the job site and often work unsupervised by lead management staff.  The main concerns for managers are if the crews are working, if they are on track for completion and whether or not there is enough material on hand to complete the job.  A construction management software solves all of those problems with the click of a button.

Which features are best for a construction project management software?

Construction project management software needs different features than a company trying to sell a product.  The construction industry manages several projects across several different job sites with several different crews. Since none of that happens at the office, the features for a standard business won’t suffice for a construction company.  For this reason, it’s best to seek out a construction project management software that has the following features.

Employee tracking

In an industry where most employees are in the field and not directly supervised it can be difficult to know where they are, how long they have been there and if they are working.  Features like GPS tracking, built-in timekeeping and custom reporting help managers track employees with a construction project management software.

Estimates and invoicing

Construction crews and business owners that can create estimates from their device and send them directly to the customer before they depart from the site often leave the customer with a good impression.  Having a construction management software that allows estimates and invoices to be created and paid can help streamline the way a business gives a quote and gets a new contract.

Inventory monitoring across multiple job sites

When job sites are spread out, a feature that enables inventory tracking across all job sites is ideal for a construction project management software.  A CRM, like CRM Runner, integrates inventory tracking and allows for managers to see where all the material the company has is located.  With the right CRM, material can be on a work van, on a job site or in the warehouse but still shows up in the inventory counts.

Up-to-date reporting on project progress

Knowing how a project is progressing has been cited as one of the most difficult things managers of construction companies face.  As the number of sites begins to grow, the ability to do on site checks decreases. Without a construction project management software in place that employees use to fill out their reports, managers often can’t get a grip on which projects are at a standstill and which are on schedule.

How to choose a construction project management software

Choosing a construction project management software isn’t only about features.  Making sure that the needed features, like those listed above are available is only one important step.  Trying out the new CRM system is essential to knowing if it’s a good fit for any construction business. Those who choose to go with a company that allows an extensive free trial of their construction project management software see better results.  To schedule a demo and sign up for a free trial of construction management software, click here.


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