If you look up customer relationship management, or, CRM, Salesforce is one of the first options you find. Salesforce is a highly sophisticated CRM focused on sales. For a smaller or medium size business attempting to expand, sales are more easily made with a CRM which assists with the management of daily operations.

CRM Runner is designed specifically for the field service industry making it a better CRM than Salesforce for installation companies, repair services, construction companies, pest control, and other businesses with remote worker requirements.

Salesforce has an overwhelming amount of features appropriate for large corporations with a major sales component. For on-site services, the necessities for nurturing promising customer relationships require oversight for multiple employees and multiple locations. For business managers who need to spend their time wisely on developing relationships with customers to generate business, less time spent checking up on each staff member saves resources and contributes to revenue generating work.

For example, CRM Runner offers a GPS feature to maintain visibility of the location of technicians in the field. Not only will this feature tell you where your employees are working, employee time is tracked per job to give managers an idea of how long jobs take to complete. Managers have the opportunity with real-time reporting to address personnel issues prior to show-stopping incidents which in-turn saves money and time.

This same feature will track company inventory from equipment, tools, products, and even company vehicles for offsite employee travel. Know what leaves the warehouse and with whom at the click of a button. See what products are not selling in time to adjust and cut corners where it best supports the company.

Communication and customer requests are streamlined in CRM Runner making it a better option than Salesforce for field service companies.

If the service a company provides requires multiple technicians and visits, keeping all essential personnel in the loop with the CRM Runner communication feature is essential. All the key employees involved with providing service to a customer will have access to all communication with the customer so as to avoid repeating questions, performing work twice or troubleshooting efforts which have already been accomplished.

Aside from the time and money saved through clear communication, your company will build trust with your customers when they are not forced to repeat themselves. Customer retention is a key component for expansion and generating revenue as loyal customers will continue to buy more of your products and services. The only way to convince consumers they should be loyal to a company for something they need is if the company not only does good work but makes them feel like they actually matter.

Treating customers like yet another work order is a fast way to lose them. Through receiving and responding to customer concerns in one, all-inclusive CRM app with the right information at your fingertips, customers will feel like you care and will be more inclined to make future purchases.

CRM Runner offers these specialized features in addition to essential leads management for small businesses.

While it is important to maintain a loyal customer base, generating leads is a significant source of expansion which requires more resources to accomplish. CRM Runner provides a leads and prospects feature to organize potential new customers into levels of interest. Without rifling through paper notes or texts to keep all the potential buyers in order, CRM Runner records contact information, communication in-progress, and the possibility of landing a sale.

This feature will save a small business time and money on leads which are not genuinely interested buyers. Focus on the right people with the right services in a timely manner before a competitor sweeps them up with the easy organization of CRM Runner. Know where you need to be whether you access the information on a desktop or through the CRM Runner mobile app so you can head to the best leads while on-the-go.

Invoicing and receiving payments are also achievable on-the-go or at the office with invoicing templates and payments accepted through the online CRM Runner system or the mobile app.

CRM Runner is priced competitively in order to provide field service companies a CRM better than Salesforce: Try it for free for 30 days.

Salesforce and other industry leaders are expensive to use the full features of their online CRM systems. Sign up for the 30-day free trial with CRM Runner here to learn more about which features best serve your company. Yearly and monthly pricing is transparent on the home website and highly competitive. To use the full features of what CRM Runner has to offer, the cost is less than $200 per month making the potential ROI a wise investment.

For questions about services and what features best fit your business, call a sales representative at (877) 590-0040.


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