76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies and a quarter of all B2B Fortune 500 companies use marketing automation already, and 84% of top performing companies plan to use it by the end of this year. Marketing automation appears to work – 75% of companies with integrated marketing automation see positive results within a year.

Why is it important to sync your marketing automation and CRM systems? Below are 4 reasons why you need to do so.

  • It helps build relationships with customers before they speak with the sales team.
  • Makes customers more informed and more likely to buy more-all at a lower cost to the company.
  • Information about customer activities on the web, such as browsing habits and marketing responses, provides visibility into customer behavior.
  • A score is assigned based on recorded activities to prioritize leads. This is used to determine how interested and intent to buy they are.

With integrated marketing automation CRM, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to the needs of your market if you want them to be successful. Target audiences should be the focus of every campaign. They should be reached out to and engaged.

CRM Runner is designed to help you deal with your multiple campaigns and the specific challenges you face in the business world. You’ll be able to manage and streamline your campaigns with CRM Runner.

Let’s get an overview of how CRM Runner marketing automation can help you:

  • Using CRM Runner, you can email the contacts from the saved distribution lists as well as the contacts from the new distribution lists.
  • Directly from the database, you can draft the email and attach files.
  • Support your brand’s voice by sending SMS to customers.
  • The CRM campaign dashboard allows you to plan and manage multiple marketing campaigns.
  • A cloud database enables customer-prospect data to be collected and managed.
  • To attract more potential customers to your business, CRM Runner posts company information, logos, and social media on a professionally designed website.
  • Only administrators have access to the User Settings page, which allows you to update your brand’s message and voice.
  • Based on your specific audience segments, run your campaigns using relevant content templates.
  • You should send out email blasts to all your potential clients/leads.
  • Through an SMS campaign, you can directly reach your customers through mobile phones.
  • A short code widget can be utilized to integrate a chat feature into CRM Runner in order to make contacting and communicating with new leads more convenient.
  • A CRM Call Center makes it easy to stay in touch with leads and customers.
  • Engage prospects so that they become customers.

You can experience the benefits of the integrated marketing automation CRM feature while you align and combine marketing campaigns using the CRM campaign management dashboard in CRM Runner. Your marketing campaigns will be optimized and your ROI will be maximized.

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