If you’re new to CRM, it may sound like just a fancy chat system to talk to your customers. While CRM might appear, on the surface, like a private social media platform for your business, what an easy to use customer relationship management system is designed to do is help the day-to-day operations move more efficiently in order to spend more time creating good relationships with your customers and less time lost in the piling minutiae of administrative or other time-sucking tasks.

Here are 7 ways an online CRM for small businesses help the make day-to-day work much easier.

#1: CRM systems for small businesses help organize everything into one easily accessible place.

If you have workers in the field who need to know where they’re supposed to be and when they’re supposed to be there, a CRM system is a one stop app which pulls up the necessary details instantly. For example, a CRM system will have a scheduler so there are no questions about where one is meant to work or report for the day and at what time. All the essential information is stored in the database, such as numbers and addresses, in order for the employee to avoid losing an address written on a sticky note and having to call the office to figure out the work site location.

#2: An online CRM system keeps employees and managers in-the-know of all customer interactions.

Managers and staff members can pull up the latest communication with a customer to know exactly where the company, as a whole, left off in a conversation about a service question or other concern. Rather than bounce the customer around to three different staff members to figure who said what last, essential personnel can save everyone time with finding all e-mails, texts, phone messages, call notes, etc. in one easy to use CRM app. This ability to speak as a company improves the customer’s trust in your business caring about his or her needs.

#3: Staying on top of inventory is made easier than ever with an online CRM system.

Inventory includes the products sold to customers as well as tools utilized for transportation and installation. A smart CRM system will track when company vehicles and equipment leave the warehouse and when they return. It’s much easier to see what the company’s best-selling products happen to be and which products are taking up valuable company space.

#4: Managing day to day operations with a CRM for field staff saves valuable time and resources.

Know where your employees are at the click of a button when using a GPS tracking system on an online CRM system. Not only does this feature make it easier to offer waiting customers a more accurate ETA, it reports directly to business management the whereabouts of each employee without having to shadow a technician to see how he or she manages time.

#5: CRMs for small businesses helps organize everything into automatic reports to save time where it most benefits the company.

Gone are the days of time-consuming data entry. With a smart CRM system, business managers are able to scan the work progress completed each day, sales made, etc. One also has the advantage of a time tracker app that demonstrates which employees are efficient with which tasks, how long different tasks took each employee to complete, and so on. This vital information makes it easier for business managers to know their top performers and who may require redistribution or dismissal.

#6: Managing the day to day operations of invoicing and receiving payments is automated for distribution and receipts anywhere you go.

Invoicing is much easier with a CRM system that comes with professional templates available within a CRM system. Payments can be received anywhere – online, on-the-go, wherever a staff member has access to the CRM app.

Removing barriers that keeps customers from paying on time, up front or at the job site is valuable for small businesses looking to decrease costs and increase profit.  Easy payment processing and invoice can make a big difference in the bottom line for a business.

#7: A CRM system for small businesses helps organize everything regarding leads for future business opportunities.

Rather than endure tedious meetings or search through tons of notes, a CRM system tracks all information, interaction, and potential of new leads. Nurture warm leads with precise timing to land more sales with an app which tracks everything you need to know about what matters most to this new customer and his or her willingness to buy.

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CRM Runner offers communication functions between staff, management, and customers, permissions settings, inventory reports and tracking, GPS employee status monitoring, leads reports, scheduler, work progress reports and work orders, contractor information, QuickBooks integration, and much more in an all-inclusive app for mobile and/or desktop. These features all work together to make the daily grind less of a chore.

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