In CRM Runner, you can organize your prospects, clients, distributors, and requirements with a user-friendly mobile and web application. You will also be equipped with key data so you can always know how to focus your marketing and sales efforts. Using CRM Runner, on-field team members and organizations can reach out to more clients and grow their businesses. Keeping track of your sales pipeline is very important with CRM Runner. Using this online system, you will be able to manage your teams with a variety of tools that will help you get the best results. Thus, the business will be able to grow quickly, and the user-seller relationship will also be transparent.

CRM Runner helps on-field team members improve their sales, processes, and reporting.

01: Lead Management

The best lead management solution has consistently been rated as CRM Runner by consumers and specialists alike. This improves sales rep productivity. For companies of all sizes and types, with a complete set of lead management features. The lead management software from CRM Runner ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline, from lead generation to scoring and conversion.

02: Tracking Features – Calls & GPS

A call tracking facility is provided by CRM Runner. Through the CRM Runner app, you can easily contact your clients or your sales team. Business conversions will increase for your organization if you contact the right person at the right time. CRM Runner software has call reports as well.

CRM Runner features GPS tracking. The GPS tracking system enables managers to keep track of sales teams in real-time, allowing them to pinpoint their exact location. Utilizing this feature, it is possible to track the distance covered by each salesperson in an organization.

03: Order Management

CRM Runner helps with order management by adding new details to orders, not to mention tracking them. CRM Runner helps with order management by adding new details to orders, not to mention tracking them. The order list will display the gross total for the order based on the quantity provided.

To Conclude:

GPS Tracking provides you with a real-time map of every representative in the field using CRM Runner. By filtering your searches by individuals, teams, and locations, you can better manage your crews, resources, and projects. You can also gain a clearer view of how much time each team member spends on any given project.