Small businesses are using CRM (customer relationship management) systems to streamline daily tasks and improve customer interaction through advanced technologies. CRM email blast for small businesses provides more personalized and effective direct marketing correspondence tools, generating leads and nurturing existing business relationships. This helps your business stay top of mind for both B2B and B2C customers.

CRM email blast systems offer small businesses the advantage of focusing more on the individual client and the individual company receiving the message. When compared to the batch-and-blast email method of the past, in which emails were sent into a void and hoped for an open rate, this is a significant improvement. Time has proven that this is simply ineffective.

CRM used in conjunction with email blasts can help small businesses streamline communication standards by creating well-written, well-placed emails that are more likely to be read and opened.

Simply put, an email CRM system can automate your sales pipeline by reaching out to leads at different stages of their journey. Marketing Automation is concerned with generating raw leads, while CRM is focused on sales-accepted leads and closed deals.

What are the benefits of the CRM email blast module?

Email blast feature and CRM create a powerful, dynamic duo when it comes to getting the attention of your target audience. You also want your customers to know they can always rely on you to return a message within a reasonable amount of time without making them feel neglected.

Here are some features that prospective CRM customers can benefit from:

  • You can create groups based on your preferences
  • Maintain a follow-up plan
  • Save time by sending beautiful email templates
  • Create groups by uploading CSV files
  • Upload an image or smiley
  • You can preview your message before sending it
  • You can attach files
  • Add footers
  • You can check the status of your campaign delivery

With its vast library of preloaded flexible, functional email templates for a variety of opportunities, CRM RUNNER’s email blast feature can make it easy for small businesses to launch an email campaign with their CRM. CRM RUNNER’s email blast is also an effective channel for small businesses to generate revenue, nurture leads, close business and keep their customers in the know.