CRMs should integrate all the information you need to run your business into one place. Yet, many entrepreneurs and sales representatives have difficulty using their CRM effectively. There’s no reason it has to be this way. That’s not the best way to earn revenue, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Do you track how your business generates revenue closely? Does your business earn money from specific deals or marketing campaigns?

The answer to these questions is yes if your CRM and accounting software are working in tandem with one another.

Why Integrated Payroll for Service Providers CRM Software Is Advantageous

Integrating your payroll with your CRM is the easiest way to understand where revenue originates. Here are the benefits of linking these two tools.

01: Organize administrative tasks in order to save time

The time your team spends manually uploading financial information to your CRM will be wasted if the CRM and accounting software are not integrated. For companies that have an array of products or use complex systems, this type of work can be extremely tedious.

By directly connecting payroll for service providers CRM Software, you can automate your invoicing and administrative processes. A CRM-integrated system, for example, can match the details of a paid invoice to the appropriate record when a client pays his/her invoice.

02: Manage employee attendance easily

With the time clock and timesheet, you can manage attendance, calculate leaves, and process salary. Using the CRM RUNNER database time clock, concerned authorities can view employee login and logout times. Managers can track employee hours and keep track of individual employees and teams.

03: Streamline processes

Monitoring work hours and including them on customer invoices is possible. It is possible to track the location of employees on the field.


A well-aligned financial system, along with synchronizing each of the company’s CRMs, allows you to trace revenue earned back to specific sales conversations and marketing campaigns.

For organizations looking to increase sales, this information is crucial, as it makes it simpler to understand where revenue is coming from, and what marketing, sales, and service efforts contribute to the bottom line.