If you think about the activities that lead to a sale, you likely visualize activities that require the salesperson’s human touch, like listening to a prospect’s needs, creating a solution for them, and asking for the sale when it’s appropriate.

There are also all the other things. Most of a sales rep’s day involves manual work that doesn’t directly result in a “yes” (at least not directly).

According to various reports, sales representatives only spend 35.2% of their time actually selling*, with the majority of their day devoted to administrative duties, research, and other non-selling activities, such as finding prospects’ phone numbers before calling and taking notes during the call, emailing content to prospects based on where they are in the buying cycle, etc. The sales automation feature in CRM Software can save you from doing these tasks.

Most B2B and B2C companies use CRM systems to organize their business processes and make complex tasks easier. Customer data is managed, marketing is supported, sales is integrated to improve customer satisfaction, actionable insights are provided as well as customer support is provided. CRM covers a wide range of features, and for each one there is a human responsible for juggling important tasks with mind-numbing copy/paste/cut tasks.

Look into the feature integrations of CRM Runner – an end-to-end CRM Software for businesses that face the challenges of tracking leads, task scheduling, monitoring, and other day-to-day activities. Using CRM Runner, you can efficiently manage your field service and office operations.

Automation eliminates the drudgery: the time-consuming prospecting and customer management tasks that are not only redundant, but also time-consuming. When you automate your customer relationship management system, you will have no trouble managing your calendar, updating customer information, or entering data.

With CRM sales funnel automation, the entire marketing-to-sales process can be streamlined. Included are:

  • Using marketing automation tools can help with managing email campaigns, using beautiful templates, and syncing data
  • A sales automation tool that schedules calls, automated workflows, and assigns qualified leads automatically
  • Automating customer service with software bots, such as AI chatbots

Using CRM automation also makes it easier to communicate between marketing and sales departments, something that is a common business problem.


Six benefits of CRM sales automation

  1. Productivity can be increased
  2. Pipeline performance can be improved
  3. A shorter, more efficient sales cycle
  4. Bigger picture, better data
  5. Engaged customers
  6. Enhance customer satisfaction

CRM Runner streamlines your sales process with its sales funnel. Leads can be categorized into different groups. It will let you know who needs follow-up, who has already paid, and who is still waiting for their money. When CRM Runner creates a sales report, you will know which part of your sales funnel needs improvement.

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