How Can a Web-based Contact Management System Improve Your Business?

There are great businesses with innovative ideas which struggle to grow. No matter the quality of your service or product, if your customers feel used, overlooked, taken for granted, or neglected, they are not likely to stick with your company.Web-based Contact Management System

What is a CRM database?

One of the best ways to make sure the customer experience you offer keeps you in high demand across your industry is to employ an online CRM system.

If you’ve heard of it, but, are still wondering, “What’s a CRM database,” you’re not alone! Small business owners and operators have so many responsibilities it’s easy to miss out on the latest news for the modern entrepreneur. A definition for online CRM includes spelling out the acronym: CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and it touches every work flow in your company to ensure customer expectations can be met.

The best part of using an online CRM database is it comes with you wherever you need to go. An “average work day” is rarely a regular aspect of a day in the life of a small business manager. If you need to be on-the-go, you still won’t miss the essential details of daily operations.


Is an online CRM software right for your business?

If you rely on employees representing your business in the field, the answer to this question is certainly, “Yes.” An online CRM system would greatly improve your customers’ experience thereby increasing good reviews, opportunities for new clients and more revenue. When the arms of your business are spread out, you need the hawk-eye view of whether or not current business processes are best serving your clientele.

An online CRM system will vary depending on which service you try and what your business will actually use to streamline workflow. If you need to keep multiple people aware of work details, if you have inventory to monitor, and if you have trouble deciding what products, services, and deals most appeal to your customers, an online CRM software will very likely help improve efficiencies in all areas of your business.

How can a web-based contact management system improve customer service?

A web-based contact management system does all the overtime when it comes to learning about your customers’ needs. For starters, an online CRM system will keep all conversations between your company and the customer in one place. This helps the company provide better service when it comes to answering customer concerns without the customer getting bounced around from department to department and feeling forgotten. An online contact management system helps essential personnel quickly review communication history to accurately and quickly provides answers for customers.

Additionally, a web-based contact management system will demonstrate customer behavior. A smart online CRM software will clearly display your customers’ favorite products, least favorite products, preferred technicians and service providers, purchasing history, and responses to company sales, specials, and events. This information is vital to growth. Knowing as much as you can about what your regular customers need helps your business grow through relating to a wider base of similar customers.

Online CRM software keeps managers up-to-date in real time

Part of staying ahead of your customers’ questions means having consistent oversight of what is happening in your business on any given day. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on-the-go, an online CRM system will provide you all the answers you need about inventory, employee status, work progress, and customer communication.

Online CRM software provides automatic inventory updates and automatic job reporting. A quality online CRM system with GPS tracking, allows manager to be at a desk or commuting and see reports on their CRM dashboard detailing which employees left company headquarters in what company vehicles and with what inventory. Automatic inventory updates show sales information as well as problem items which are too often returned. Automatic job reporting shows how long it takes employees to complete job, notations on the work completed, and any customer feedback. With online CRM software, it’s possible to run your business and make informed choices no matter where you’re working.

An online CRM system can track employees and inventory

A CRM with employee tracking demonstrates who your top performers are and what the rest of your workforce needs to improve. Your communications with your employees are all integrated in an online CRM system so there are fewer questions about schedules and expectations. Should something outside of an employee’s control occur to take them out of the workflow for a day, the full schedule and location of the rest of your workforce is available at the click of button. Make changes and communicate all in one place, when using a CRM with GPS tracking rather than opening e-mail, time trackers, scheduling, administrative support, etc.

A CRM that tracks inventory makes cutting costs much easier. Rather than leafing through endless spreadsheets to see the full history of your product line or equipment, an online CRM system shows which products are sitting on the shelf, which parts or equipment have the shortest durability and lifespan, and which products are harder to keep in stock. A CRM that tracks inventory will warn you when you’re running out of a top seller in order to make sure you never run out of what you clients purchase most frequently.

The best online CRM software includes customizable features and reporting

Not all businesses operate even within the same industry. What works for your customers and your workforce cannot be standardized. It’s worthwhile to find an online CRM system with custom reports.

Maybe what your customers want the most is someone to answer their questions before their service technician shows up. A web-based contact management system with custom reports means you can modify your notifications on your dashboard to give you the information your clientele most frequently requests. Maybe what your employees need is an online CRM software which helps them communicate individually with customers who prefer their quality of work to free up managers to analyze the rest of the reports to design better deals and services.

CRM software vendors that offer a free trial are a good choice for business owners in 2019.

Small businesses looking to grow in 2019 will greatly benefit from a free trial with an online CRM software. CRM Runner offers ideal features, GPS tracking, and customizable reports for small business with workers in the field. Not all CRM software vendors offer adequate time for a company to test drive their product and accurately determine whether or not am online CRM software works for their team as a whole. Learn more about the features and the CRM Runner 30-day free trial by signing up here.


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