In terms of website content, landing pages are among the most important – the only opportunity to make an impression that can make or break a prospecting lead. Many marketing experts have observed in recent years that a well-designed landing page will convert more visitors than a company homepage.

Several services offer pre-designed landing pages that are pretty much ready-to-use, but many of those packages are not 100% customizable, and some companies require more than a standard template.

With CRM Runner, users have the option of choosing from a wide variety of beautifully designed conversion-optimized landing pages. While we do appreciate the flexibility pre-designed offers, we also understand the limitations.

Because of that, we are constantly developing new features and options, and CRM Runner preconfigured well-designed templates to create your landing pages have recently become more dynamic and personalized.

Creating & Managing Landing Pages with CRM Runner

  • With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create and launch your landing pages without any coding knowledge.
  • Build your landing page with our pre-configured well-designed templates.
  • Adding content, contact details, logos, and banners is all you need to do, you do not need technical skills.
  • Create a landing page for your company with information about it, and include a list of services you offer.
  • You can fully customize the fonts, colors, sizes, layout and every element on your page to express your brand.
  • To promote your business on a broader scale, you can connect your landing page to various social media platforms.

With pre-designed drag-n-drop templates for landing pages in CRM, CRM Runner puts you in control of creating pages that automatically deliver the content your viewers want to see. By doing so, leads are more effectively engaged, resulting in increased conversions and lead generation.

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