The pharmaceutical industry faces particular difficulties with regard to regulatory limitations and how it is permitted to handle marketing and promotional activities. Pharma companies face a number of challenges when trying to reach customers and expand their sales territories, including regulatory reforms, compliance regulations, generic competition, and marketing audit controls.

Pharma CRM gives this sector the tools to streamline operations, target marketing initiatives, and improve the performance of sales teams.

Benefits of CRM Runner for your pharma business

In this article, we’ll go over five of the best advantages of CRM Runner, one of the best CRM for the pharma industry, specifically for their sales and marketing divisions.

Benefit #1: Automated Processes

Pharma benefits greatly from CRM automation. Intelligently automated lead assignments make it easier for reps to manage and respond to leads quickly. The planning and execution of these interactions are made simpler by automated scheduling for doctor visits and other sales automation tools.

In order to schedule the most effective sales-to-call appointments, our CRM software can instantly determine the number of visits a rep may be able to make while taking into account their workload and schedule.

Benefit #2: Customer Journey Tracking

Customer journey tracking reveals the customer’s position in relation to a series of interactions with your brand and records the entire customer experience. Teams can tell when a customer is dissatisfied or, conversely, may be interested in an upsell or cross-sell opportunity using the CRM’s account and contact management tools.

Benefit #3: Mobile CRM 

Pharmaceutical sales representatives require mobile information access. Nearly all pharma CRM solutions include mobile CRM accessibility, which enables these representatives to quickly look up customer histories, record important conversations, review and log phone calls and emails, and review recent customer touchpoints before and after a meeting.

Benefit #4: Data Augmentation

With little effort, data augmentation (also known as data enrichment) improves data sets by incorporating information from internal and external sources. As more and more pharma CRM solutions implement this feature, the days of manually searching the internet to gather information about a prospect will soon be a thing of the past.

Benefit #5: Targeted Marketing

Like any other industry, in the pharmaceutical one must advertise a range of goods and services to attract potential clients. CRM aids marketing teams in evaluating the state of the market based on consumer behavior and purchasing patterns.

CRM Runner is an effective tool for streamlining the sales process, aligning departments, and exposing deeper data patterns. Please call us at 877.590.0040 to speak with one of our representatives or go for a 14-day free trial!