The most comprehensive customer resource management tool available right now is CRM Runner. It creates a sales tool that is unmatched and can improve every step of your sales process. Additionally, it facilitates management, improves workflows across the entire organization, and lowers your monthly software and phone costs.

Your lead generation and management, relationship building and sales process delivery, communications, billing and payments, visitor tracking, analytics, and other areas are just a few of the things CRM Runner improves.

CRM Lead Collection

Problem: Obtaining leads organically is challenging, and purchasing leads is costly and frequently ineffective.

CRM as a remedy With the help of Runner’s automated lead collection, you can quickly add new lead accounts to the system using data from a variety of customer interactions, including web-based information request forms, incoming phone calls, incoming emails, and more.

System-Wide CRM Data Access

Problem: Your business’ operations and interactions with customers produce a ton of useful data, but it’s dispersed and frequently not collected, making it challenging to use.

No matter where you are in the CRM, you can quickly access the data you require by using CRM Runner, which centralizes all of your customer data. In addition, CRM Runner automatically records all significant customer interactions, so you never have to worry about a key data point being missed.

Complete Communications Centralization

Problem: A number of communication channels, such as email, text messages, chat, the phone, and others, are heavily used by your staff. But juggling them all wastes time and makes it more difficult to maintain a pace.

Solution: CRM Runner centralizes every communication-related function, allowing your staff to oversee everything from a centralized, user-friendly hub. You can import your Gmail and Outlook accounts into the system to sync your incoming and outgoing emails in both directions. Additionally, you can control your Google and Outlook calendars. Additionally, the system has built-in two-way text messaging.

CRM Billing and Payments

Problem: A sale is more likely to fall through the longer payment is postponed. Your team requires a simple, efficient method for accepting payments from new clients as soon as possible.

CRM as a remedy Your team has access to all the tools necessary to create invoices and accept payments with Runner’s billing and payments suite. With just a few clicks, customized invoices can be created, and it takes just a few seconds to set up recurring billing.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have if you’re ready to learn more about CRM Runner and all it can do to benefit not only your sales team but also your entire organization. Or, even better, start using the system right away to see how it works. Start your free, no-commitment 14-day trial of CRM Runner today.If you have any further questions, please contact us at 877.590.0040!