QR codes are popping up everywhere – you can find them in newspapers, on bus stops, and in store windows. They’re like Rubik’s cube cousins, but in black and white. But are you using them effectively?

By using QR codes, you can provide consumers with a lot of information about your business without using much space. You can put a lot of information on your QR code that you wouldn’t be able to fit on a sign or business card if they used their smartphone to read it. So make sure you’re using QR codes to your advantage!

“Not sure how to use them?

Starting slowly and experimenting with your company’s needs is the best approach. CRM Runner can help your business go digital, easily and effectively. You can create custom QR codes and send your clients to desired web pages!”

Let’s see how CRM Runner QR Code Feature can help your business grow. 

Make QR codes

To promote your business and engage with your customers, use CRM Runner software to create QR codes. With this software, you can easily create codes that are both visually appealing and effective in engaging customers. After scanning your code, customers can access your business information and take actions that you may not have anticipated. By tracking QR code engagement, you can make informed decisions about how to better serve your customers.

Promote Your Brand

QR codes are a great way to promote your brand. By choosing a color that matches your company’s colors and branding, you can make sure that your QR code is recognizable and associated with your business. CRM Runner software makes it easy to select the perfect color for your QR code.

Check the QR Code Scanning Status

With CRM Runner software, it’s easy to check how many customers scanned your QR codes. This valuable information can help you track the success of your marketing campaigns and see which ones are working best. Having this data at your fingertips helps you make more informed decisions about where to allocate your resources.

Send Customers to Any URL

By using CRM Runner, you can add a URL to any QR code, making it easy for customers to visit your website or online store. This makes it easy to track and manage your QR codes.

Make it Even Nicer with a Logo

Logos are a great way to make your QR code more visually appealing. CRM Runner software makes it easy to add a logo to your QR code, so you can make it even more personalized and branded. This is a great way to make your QR code stand out from the crowd and make it more memorable for potential customers.

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