Having trouble managing your inventory and assets? Are you having trouble keeping track of warranties, asset details, and permissions to access valuable items? You have come to the right place! With CRM RUNNER, you can manage assets easily, efficiently, and securely.

Unlocking the Power of QR Codes for Asset Management

Managing assets has never been simpler, thanks to CRM RUNNER’s cutting-edge QR code solution. Here’s how it works:

Create QR Code Stickers: With CRM RUNNER, you can effortlessly generate QR code stickers and attach them to any item you want to track. Whether it’s equipment, devices, or any other asset, these stickers are your key to streamlined asset management.

Scan and Retrieve Asset Details: Armed with just a smartphone, you can scan these QR codes to access comprehensive asset details. Say goodbye to manual data entry and time-consuming searches. CRM RUNNER puts everything you need at your fingertips.

Easy Asset Detail Modification: Need to update asset information? No problem! CRM RUNNER allows you to modify asset details on the fly. Keep your records accurate and up to date with minimal effort.

Warranty Expiry Notifications: Worried about missing warranty expirations? CRM RUNNER has you covered. Receive timely notifications when an asset’s warranty is about to expire, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to claim it.

Enhanced Security with Password Protection: Security is paramount when it comes to your assets. CRM RUNNER lets you secure QR codes with passwords, ensuring that only authorized personnel can scan them. Say goodbye to unauthorized access and potential mishandling of assets.

Granular Permission Settings: Take control of who can access your assets by setting permissions on QR code stickers. Grant access only to team members who need it, enhancing security and privacy.

Size-adjustable QR code stickers: CRM RUNNER’s QR code stickers can be resized to fit any asset.

What are the advantages of CRM RUNNER for asset management?

Managing assets efficiently is a challenge we understand at CRM RUNNER. Using QR codes simplifies asset tracking, enhances security, and saves time and effort, which is why we developed a user-friendly solution.

A streamlined, secure, and adaptable approach to asset management is possible with CRM RUNNER. Switch to asset management of the future today.

Ready to Elevate Your Asset Management? Try CRM RUNNER Today!

Your asset management can be revolutionized if you take advantage of this opportunity. Find out how CRM RUNNER’s asset management module can transform the way you manage your inventory. With CRM RUNNER, you’ll experience efficiency, security, and peace of mind.