As customer expectations increase, businesses in every sector should focus on delivering a superior customer experience (CX).

How does field service management affect customer experience? The field service management landscape today is extremely complex. It can make the difference between great customer service that keeps your customers coming back for more and poor customer service that shrinks your customer base. Transforming to a services-based business model will require a technology-driven approach, so it’s imperative to approach any changes with all the information available.

Challenges in Field Service Management

Both customers and employees may suffer setbacks if field service management is not properly executed. Your customers can wait for long time, experience slow and inaccurate communication, need for return visits, and the likes.

With the implementation of CRM Runner, quick customer visit assignment on field on demand is possible. You can keep track of all employees, members, and contractors with the built-in GPS tracking in CRM.


The system lets you track each team member’s real-time updates as well as perform tasks and manage your team efficiently. With just one click, you can access all your leads, deals, and distributors on the map. CRM Runner provides real-time movement maps of every sales representative deployed on the field through its GPS tracking CRM Software .

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