A marketing copywriter is a busy person.  Between clients briefs and the actual copywriting that goes on, there is not much time for anything else.  Throw in managing a business into that mix, and you might have a logistical nightmare on your hands.  One problem for today’s marketing copywriter, especially on the entrepreneurial side, is that running the business’ logistics and administration takes time way for the more profitable activity of copywriting.

This is where Marketing Copywriter CRM Software comes into the picture.  Marketing CRM Software can help businesses stay organized so that copywriters spend more time doing what they love – copywriting.  Here are six reasons why Marketing Copywriters need CRM Software.

Electronic documents:  Marketing copywriters deal with a lot of documents.  There are estimates, proposals, quotations, invoices, contracts, and more.  That’s all on top of the actual copywriting.  There isn’t much time for anything else.  Rather than file and sort a seemingly never-ending trail of documents, transform your business practices by taking advantage of electronic document storage.  Documents can be store in CRM Software by attaching the files to a client profile.  This means when you deal with XYZ company, their documents are right at your fingertips.  This also means less time spent on filing.

Invoices.  Invoices make the world go ‘round… well, kind of! They at least make sure your cashflow is healthy.  With Marketing Copywriter CRM Software, you can create invoices using a template.  This invoice can be sent (and paid) electronically.  Software integration assures that these invoices link up to your financial software so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to ensuring invoices are paid promptly.

Landing Pages.  A landing page is a special tool as anybody in marketing knows.  The CRM Software can save you time and money by helping create a landing page based on a template within the software.  This handy tool collects potential client data so it is accessibly for future follow-up.

VoIP.  If your company does a lot of its work by phone (sales, communication, etc.), then Voice of Internet Protocol maybe the tool you need.  This helpful option allows you to connect with clients, by phone, with the press of just a button.

Project room.  If you work as team, then you need a space to sort out all of your team’s brain buster ideas.  From proposals to timelines, everything you need will all be in one place for your team to review.  The best part?  You can sign into these applications from anywhere there is an internet connection, so there will be less lugging around important documents.

Calendars.  CRM Software for Marketing Copywriters comes with a calendar function to keep all of your deadlines and meetings on target.

A marketing copywriter is very busy.  These tools help them keep their businesses running smoothly.  To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today.