A Simple CRM for Small Businesses Helps Increase Profits

With a simple CRM for small businesses, owners are able to automate tasks and track more aspects of their business.  These insights lead to customer satisfaction and increased efficiency.

Owners of small businesses often wear many hats and work after hours to complete administrative tasks.  When an owner can’t be everywhere at once, it’s hard for them to continue to maintain the same level of oversight once their business starts to grow.  With a simple CRM for small businesses, owners will be able to know what’s going on with their business at the touch of a button.

CRM software for small businesses often have the same basic functionality.  Depending on the type of CRM you’re looking for, you may need additional features that a basic CRM software can’t provide.  Each industry has different needs for which CRM system will work best in their day to day operations.

Simple CRM for Small Businesses

A Simple CRM for small businesses has the features needed to increase efficiency.

Increased effectiveness is top priority for those looking to invest in a CRM for their small business.  Most online CRM systems accomplish this by automating repeated tasks, tracking customer communications, and providing a central location to keep necessary customer information.

Many CRM systems for small businesses include additional features that help managers and team members communicate without tracking each other down.  Some industries, like those that rely on field staff, find that the use of additional features decreases time spent on projects, increases profit and improves the impression customers have of their business.

What features are in a basic CRM software?

Basic CRM software typically functions to maintain all of the information pertaining to a customer and their account in once place.  Often these basic CRM systems track communications with the customer.  This is very beneficial for staff to stay up to date about what the customer has already expressed and what they are expecting. When a customer feels like a business understands their needs and is working to meet them, they turn into satisfied referral sources.

With a basic CRM software, staff can log on and see all of the customer information.  This enables them to quickly answer questions and catch up on the issues the customer needs to have resolved.  A basic CRM functions as one place to look for information when it’s needed most.

What to look for in a less annoying CRM

Many employees have a hard time adjusting to using a new CRM system if it doesn’t fit into the way they normally go about their day. Often they have trouble understanding the interface or navigating through features they don’t need to access.  Many employees simply don’t use the system and then it begins to be an afterthought.

Business owners that look for a less annoying CRM for their employees report that their team wants to use the system.  Easy to use features and customize-able reporting that smoothly fit in to the way the employees already work keeps them excited about using it.  It also helps them easily find the value in changing the way they have been doing things.  If they have to change their whole work routine, it’s likely they will resist the change.  Businesses that implement a less annoying CRM for their employees see increased effectiveness and a boost in employee morale.

Choose a web based CRM software for improved efficiency

For small business owners who are monitoring employees and meeting with potential clients a web based CRM software is essential.  When using a cloud based CRM, all updates happen in real time and are accessible from anywhere that has internet.  Applications that are available on any device make it easy for employees to update their managers.

Web based CRM software allows on-the-go access that is invaluable for sales and field staff.  Knowing where technicians and equipment are is easier with a cloud based CRM.  Accurate updates on job sites, customer communication and scheduling is available to managers when they log on.  The use of a web based CRM software streamlines communication and decreases the amount of time it takes to know where your business stands at the end of the work day.

An ideal small CRM system creates more streamlined processes and better direction for employees.

Many small CRM systems lack what employees and managers need to make sure that customers are taken care of.  Several online CRM systems only track communications related to sales and orders.  Those small CRM systems don’t have additional features that help ensure employees know exactly what to do to take care of the customer, all the way through payment.

In contrast to small CRM systems, more comprehensive online CRM software may be essential to give a business the upper hand in a competitive market. A long term solution for a business may not be a small CRM system but instead one that also has a better way to get in touch with employees and automatic tracking of progress and resources.

When choosing a simple CRM for a small business, the way that the business currently operates should be the number one factor in deciding whether or not an online CRM system is right for your team.  Consider how the use of the new CRM tool will fit into the work day of your team members.  It’s important to not only consider how your employees will use your new CRM but to also ask them to try it out.  Choose a CRM with a free trial and then ask employees for their feedback to ensure to you are choosing the right investment.

CRM software providers behind CRM Runner designed an easy to use client database software.

CRM software programs designed with the user in mind are often a more reliable choice for business owners seeking efficient practices.  CRM software providers that stand behind their product typically offer a free trial to prospective clients.  When they know their CRM software program is beneficial for business owners, they will want to ensure it has the features needed to help the owner streamline processes.

Seeking out a CRM software provider, like CRM Runner, to enroll in a free trial to see how a client relationship management software can streamline processes could help business owners see more profit.


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