You can increase your team’s productivity and profits by using great customer relationship management (CRM) software as your company grows. CRM systems boost productivity by 34 percent in sales teams.

You can grow your business in different ways with CRM Runner:

  • Facilitate cross-selling and upselling
  • Ensure your organization has a single source of truth
  • Keep track of deals
  • Relationship management with customers
  • Lead nurture
  • Forecast future sales with detailed reports
  • Streamline the onboarding and training process for new employees
  • Improve decision-making speed
  • Automate tasks that are tedious and time-consuming

You can optimize your sales funnel with CRM Runner! Sales funnels represent the steps necessary to sell your product or service. The report tells you how many deals you have open, at what stage they are, and if you are on track to meet your targets.

You’ll have an easier time selling to existing customers than to find new ones. With your CRM, you can quickly find out what a customer last purchased, any important account details, and anything else they’re looking for.

If needed, you can offer solutions and tips for any relevant issues with a consultative sales approach. Additionally, this can improve trust between you and your prospects.

You can also map out the entire customer journey by using your cloud-based sales funnel CRM Software, from the first contact to the sales quote, customer support, and repeat purchases. This can be done both for individual deals as well as a bird’s eye view of your entire sales pipeline.

CRM Runner streamlines your sales process with its sales funnel. It lets you categorize your leads. You’ll see who you need to follow up with, who has already agreed to buy, and who has already sent you money. CRM Runner then creates a sales report so you can see what needs to be improved within your sales funnel.

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