How would you define sales automation? Interesting question, right? In my view, it’s mainly about reducing the time and energy burden of sales management. Automating sales involves making it easier for a salesperson to connect with potential customers, get them into the pipeline, and subsequently accelerate their journey throughout the sales funnel. All it comes down to is removing barriers to connecting, engaging, listening, and building relationships.

What is your vision of sales automation?

The idea should be that data should serve people within an organization rather than the other way around.

CRM was originally designed primarily for managing sales, with a heavy emphasis on data over people. The logic is being reversed as algorithms and data become increasingly useful to people instead of the other way around.

CRM should shift so that it is focused on the human element of selling: software should not only enable swift, well focused sales management, but also enable swift, human-focused sales. Selling as if people matter is the new CRM that you can discover in CRM Runner.

HR is experiencing the same trends. Human resource management software was originally designed to handle the administrative tasks involved in managing a workforce. Nowadays, HR software has a greater focus on people. The goal is to keep employees engaged, connected, and productive. Their jobs are more effective and they are better able to manage their careers.

The two sides of a circle (sales and HR) are connected. They may appear opposing, but they are closely connected. Sales are impossible without employees, and hiring is impossible without sales. The relationship between people and sales in an organization can be made even more circular with software that helps both sides put people first and data at their disposal.

How would you describe your best tips/guidelines for sales automation?

There’s a lot of information online. The amount is increasing daily. You will find the piece of information you are looking for somewhere in that pile of data, sometimes a combination of several bits of information.

Every time you need that one piece of information, use software that makes it very easy to find it. When you have multiple tools in one place, you can use them immediately, so you can get results immediately.

Which sales automation tool do you recommend?

Out there on the market, there are innumerable sales automation tools, but CMR Runner has a built-in feature for sales automation that can amaze you with its functions and features. By using CRM Runner that comes integrated sales feature in CRM, you can:

  • Generate New Leads Through Email Blast
  • Upload .CSV File
  • Landing Pages
  • SMS Campaigns and Chat Short Codes on Your Website
  • Assign those to the proper team members in your sales funnel and close more deals

With CRM Runner, you can experience amazing sales automation with CRM when your sales process is streamlined. Leads can be sorted by group. Then you’ll know who you need to follow up with, who has agreed to buy, and who has already paid. CRM Runner then creates an automatic sales report, so you know what needs improving.