16 May

Top 6 buyer motives your sales team should be aware of

When it comes to making the final purchase decision, everything boils down to the buyer motives. Why did the consumer decide to purchase the product...

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15 May

Best Chrome Extensions to help small businesses work more efficiently

Today there are apps for almost everything. Same goes for Google Chrome extensions, CRM extensions, lead generation extensions, Workflow extensions, social sharing extensions and what...

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14 May

What elements to keep in mind when choosing CRM system for business?

CRM or customer relationship management is a software platform to be used by business irrespective of its size and genre of functioning. From managing emails,...

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13 May

Why customer complaint might be a silver lining for your business

Customer Service is a very important aspect of Customer Relationship Management or CRM. A positive customer experience will lead the customer to share his experience...

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12 May

Worried about business growth? Deploy latest CRM management software for effective results

CRM or customer relationship management can have effective result for business growth. The main idea of this management is to get connected with potential customers...

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11 May

Email Automation : Top 5 trends of 2021 that are changing the CRM game

Just before 2020 started, most marketers were thinking of email marketing as an obsolete marketing strategy, however the unfortunate pandemic hit our lives and we...

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10 May

SMS integrated CRM software can boost customer engagement. Here’s how!

In the age of WhatsApp and Telegram, we often thing of text messaging as an old and retired feature. Although people have limited the use...

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6 May

CRM reporting : Top 5 reports to look for in any CRM software

How do you measure which campaign performed exceptionally and which campaign failed? How do you know which accounts are the most revenue generating? How do...

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5 May

Five Email Marketing blunders which can cost you your business

Ignoring the Welcome email You have a stunning website with an email subscription and people are signing up to know  more about your offering. It...

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4 May

Do small businesses require CRM system for their business?

Yes, CRM software is has great importance for all business irrespective of its size and the years for which it is operating in the market....

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3 May

CRM and Email marketing : The powerful and dynamic duo for marketers

Email marketing is one the tried and tested tools for marketing your products and services to your potential and existing customers. It is being actively...

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2 May

Build a perfect landing page to boost conversion rates, Know How!

How do you ensure you have maximum conversion rate out of your marketing campaign? How do you ensure your landing page will actually work? These...

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