1 Sep

How has CRM helped marketers reach out to their target customers?

Merely knowing an address is not enough if you want your services to reach your clients. In traditional marketing, the address of a particular outlet...

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31 Aug

Landing Page Vs Home Page: Key differences and when to use what

Are you one of those who think that the landing page is the same as the website home page? If so, this is the right...

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27 Aug

6 proven tips to increase your email marketing ROI. Thank us later!

What is the oldest yet still very relevant, most popular and cost effective medium of reaching out to your potential customers? Yes, you got it...

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24 Aug

Importance Of Crm Software For Real Estate Agents

CRM stands for customer relationship management and it is a strategy which describes how a small business expands and manages customer relationships. Real estate CRM...

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22 Aug

Four Reasons to Integrate Your Email with CRM

Despite the rise of social media and network marketing, email remains the most important marketing tool. The number of email accounts far outnumbers the combined...

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20 Aug

Why is CRM necessary for Business?

CRM is also known as customer relationship management. In the 21st century, CRM is required because of the following reasons. Expands the Business market- Customer...

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18 Aug

How have CRM helped in automating attendance

Traditionally, maintaining an attendance register was a must  when computers were not invented. The performance of an employee was partially dependent on their punctuality. Every...

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16 Aug

Why do people prefer reporting through CRM?

Every organization, whether it is big or small, runs on a project basis mostly. These projects are usually of different tenures. Some are long term...

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14 Aug

How has CRM helped in Invoicing?

Invoicing is the most critical segment of billing. It is the step in which all purchase details are mentioned clearly and accurately based on which...

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12 Aug

How has CRM helped in Email Integration?

With the invention of the internet, a new mode of communication was introduced to marketing, which was known as email services or electronic mail services....

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11 Aug

How can integrated Calling card in CRM increase your sales

One reason why marketers used to lose customers when they used traditional promotion methods was that there was no way customers could call the clients...

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10 Aug

How can CRM Software help in Inventory Management?

Inventory management is an integral part of marketing. It works for hands in gloves with customer relationship management. Often when marketers maintain inventory and customer...

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