Do you want to streamline your sales process and optimize your sales funnel? Find out how CRM Runner’s sales funnel feature can help you manage leads, track their progress, and improve sales.

Understanding the Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a visual representation of the steps needed to sell your service or product. It provides insights into the number of open deals, their stages, required support, and the likelihood of meeting your targets

Key Features of CRM Runner’s Sales Funnel Feature

  • Organized Lead Management: Sort leads into different groups based on their sales funnel stage
  • Drag and Drop Functionality: Easily place leads at their appropriate level as they progress through the sales funnel
  • Lead Details Management: Update lead contact details and review them within the CRM Runner platform
  • Follow-Up Options: Schedule phone calls or meetings with leads directly from the CRM Runner system
  • Customized Assignment Settings: Assign leads to specific team members and departments based on your preferences
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive email and push notifications when leads make progress in the sales funnel

Benefits of Using CRM Runner’s Sales Funnel Feature

  • Enhanced Lead Visibility: Gain a bird’s eye view of all leads organized according to their sales funnel stage
  • Efficient Lead Progress Tracking: Easily track and manage the progress of leads as they move through the sales funnel
  • Improved Communication: Send targeted emails regarding leads to specific team members and departments, ensuring effective communication and collaboration
  • Customized Assignment: Tailor lead assignment settings by selecting the department and teams, ensuring leads are managed by the right personnel
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed with real-time notifications whenever leads make progress in the sales funnel, enabling timely follow-ups and actions

How to Get Started with CRM Runner’s Sales Funnel Feature

  • Complete your CRM Runner profile and sign up for an account
  • Get a 14-day free trial when you fill in your location details
  • In the event that you need more users after the trial period ends, you will be charged accordingly


Businesses seeking to optimize their sales processes and manage leads effectively will benefit from CRM Runner’s sales funnel feature. Your sales performance can be improved by using this feature to gain a comprehensive view of your leads.

CRM Runner’s sales funnel feature provides details about how CRM Runner’s sales funnel feature can benefit your business.