Businesses of all sizes have been forced to act quickly to protect the health of their employees and communities, while minimizing the impact on their business and customer service. Remote work policies are one of the solutions that many companies are implementing today. Although remote work can often be a viable option, it still presents unique challenges, including employee morale and accountability.

When you are not in the same office, how do you keep team members motivated and performing at near-peak levels? Getting the most out of your GPS-enabled CRM Software is where you should start. Here are some tips I’ve learned over the years working remotely.

Team management in remote environments

Physical separation between team members is a major drawback of remote work. Our basic human desire for community is fulfilled at least in part by traditional workspaces. Collaboration fosters organizational alignment, which leads to increased productivity, creativity, and success.

It doesn’t mean that remote work cannot be successful. To make it a success, you can leverage a GPS tracking solution built-in with a CRM Software CRM Runner that can help you in actively tracking your remote employees.

Eliminating overlap between systems and centralizing work

Remote workers do not have access to a physical office, so they require a centralized hub of business data and project information that can be accessed from any location. A company may use two separate systems to keep track of their customers and projects. Alternatively, some companies use a comprehensive system, like CRM Runner, which combines customer and project information in an intuitive format. It is important that the staff feel comfortable with their virtual workspace, receive adequate training, and have the full backing of management.

Burnout and fatigue will result from working in a system that is rarely inspected by management. To ensure operational alignment, both employees and managers need to fully buy into their system(s).

Giving you all data of your on-field staff

You can keep track of your customers, prospects, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents easily with CRM Runner’s systematic arrangement. As well as managing and performing your team’s tasks efficiently, you can monitor all the team’s real-time updates. With just one click, you can see all your leads, deals, and distributors. CRM Runner integrates GPS tracking technology to provide real-time tracking of every sales representative.

To Conclude:

Team member hours can be accurately tracked with CRM Runner. With quick and easy filtering options, you can find projects by individuals, teams, or locations, which allows you to better manage your crews, resources, and projects while getting a clearer picture of how much time each team member spends on a task.

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