As far as business software goes, CRMrunner is unquestionably the best in its class, particularly for managing work field installations. It has extensive functionality and a collaborative scheduling feature. A major advantage is its real-time employee tracking capability.

CRMrunner helps businesses in their daily activities. Through CRMrunner, small businesses are able to increase productivity more easily. In a properly implemented CRM system, CRM can increase productivity by 26% for a company. By using various tools such as GPS tracking apps, face biometric GPS based clock-in built-in CRMrunner, businesses can build and maintain good customer relationships as well as expand their productivity and efficiency.

Find out how the GPS Feature in CRM Runner can benefit you.

Automated in and out time for accurate attendance:

Attendance integration makes attendance records accurate. Because the whole attendance calculation process is automated, there is no risk of an error occurring during attendance calculation.

No manipulation

Manually taken attendance is easily manipulable. However, CRM-integrated attendance is not susceptible to this. Later in the process, biometrics were introduced, so the CRM Software could track an individual’s fingerprint in order to keep track of their attendance. An individual’s retina may also be scanned before the system keeps them present throughout the day. Thus, to mark yourself present, one must stand in front of the biometric, so proxy attendance is no longer feasible.

Monitor On-Field Staff with GPS Tracking App

With the systematic arrangement provided by CRM Runner, you can keep track of your customers, prospects, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents. The team management software allows you to perform the tasks and manage your team members effectively, as well as track the real-time updates of each member. One click reveals all your leads, distributors, and deals on the map. You can see in real-time where all of your sales reps are in the field by using CRM Runner’s GPS Tracking.

Take a Quick View of How CRM Runner’s GPS Tracking App Helps Manage Your Business?

  • View your field representatives from a bird’s eye view.
  • Eliminate the need to check in on employees and contractors manually by sending status updates or making calls.
  • Provides accurate time tracking for team members.
  • Find crews, resources, and locations quickly and easily by filtering by people, teams, or locations.
  • Discover how much time each team member spends working on a particular project.

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