The key to any good marketing strategy is a great CRM system. It helps you keep track of important customer and sales data, as well as product info and reminders. You can also use it to schedule staff hours, send out coupons, and generate reports on sales volume, goals, and performance.

In addition to helping you manage customer relationships, CRM systems can also help you make the most of your email campaigns. If you haven’t yet integrated your email marketing with your CRM, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity for effective communication.

Here is a quick primer on CRM and its role in driving business growth before diving into the details of the integration.

A CRM tool helps you manage your customer relationships more effectively, by providing insights into customer behavior and helping to increase engagement.

You can’t just forget about your customers after they make a purchase – you need to keep in touch with them and show them that you value their business. A CRM tool can help you stay connected with your customers and send them tailored messages, offers, and loyalty rewards.

You can use a CRM tool to capture important customer details like birthdays, trial period validity, previous purchases, and resources downloaded. By tracking this information, you can clearly understand customer behavior and interests. You can then use this information to send automated emails triggered by specific actions. This helps you build a stronger rapport with customers.

Utilizing a CRM tool will enable you to connect your campaign responses with your lead generation strategy. This will eventually help you estimate your return on investment, explore future scope, ramp up collaboration, and enhance conversions.

The Perks of Integrating Email Blast & CRM

Even though you can use email marketing and CRM separately, they can work more effectively together. These two aspects can be integrated to create a number of benefits.

  • Create groups based on your preferences
  • Create Follow ups
  • Send beautiful mail templates to save time
  • Upload CSV files to create groups
  • Add images/smiley
  • Preview option before sending
  • Attach files
  • Add footers
  • Check your campaign delivery status

You can also easily create groups and send different email campaigns to your targeted audience with a few clicks.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

In order to maximize the effectiveness of email blast, you must integrate it with CRM. CRM tools make it easy for you to stay in touch with your customers and ensure that they perceive your brand as credible. Aside from strengthening your marketing campaigns, it also gives you detailed insights into how they are performing and helps build long-term relationships.

With CRM Runner email blast CRM feature integration, you can also increase brand awareness with an email blast campaign.