The professional requirements to hire the right field staff for your property management company is a huge challenge. Even if you have a qualified staff in place, the next hurdle is maintaining appropriate oversight of your field employees to ensure the quality your company brings to an ever-growing industry.

Of the top challenges property management firms face, time management, unexpected maintenance and repair requirements, and revenue growth top the list. With a smartly constructed, all-inclusive supervisory system in place, these major obstacles can be removed to the benefit of your property management company.

 Property Management Clients

An online CRM system saves valuable time when property management supervisors have zero minutes to spare resolving the various problems which arise in addressing clients’ needs.

Every time an issue removes a property management supervisor from customer satisfaction efforts, projects required to increase revenue, or various other management requirements, the company takes a loss. Time management and task prioritization is a major obstacle in this specialized industry.

Property management requires a wide range of tasks to maintain quality upkeep of clients’ properties. Rather than spiraling out of control overseeing what tasks are performed for what properties, an online CRM system compiles the relevant reports all in one place for easy, quick review from wherever a manager is set up with a laptop or out-and-about on the mobile app. This feature makes knowing what is happening where faster and more organized in order for real-time decisions and communications to occur.

The tracking features of an online CRM system readily and efficiently address the inevitable reality of unexpected maintenance.

There are no good times for unexpected maintenance on a client’s property; however, every property manager knows there is no way to prevent these incidents from occurring. The question is not if unexpected maintenance will be required, but, rather, an ongoing when and where?

CRM Runner’s field management software maintains oversight on incidents and work in progress across all relevant locations. The online CRM tracks the location of field staff and real-time reporting allowing supervisors to halt or adjust job progress as required after a quick review of the CRM report. No manager can be in more than one place at a time – the CRM Runner app will bring the incidents at each property to your fingertips.

The data generated from the automatic reporting feature will help your property management company increase efficiencies and prepare in advance for potential maintenance problems in order to address your clients’ needs in a timely manner. The online CRM system uses GPS tracking to report on the whereabouts of staff members, supplies, etc. making it possible to effectively communicate with clients on the whereabouts of service providers and progress made on maintenance. The system includes day-end reporting where field employees upload data and images from each site making it easy and quick to communicate with clientele (through the very same CRM system) regarding job progress.

The use of the best CRM system increases efficiencies and assists property management companies in overcoming the obstacle of growth.

One of the ways in which a company increases revenue is through lowering business costs. The best way to know where corners may benefit from cutting is through accurate reports of field staff performance.

For field service management purposes, supervisors greatly benefit from the ability to view and track multiple employees and locations along with the accompanying ongoing operations. CRM Runner makes it possible to see how much time is spent on any given task with a time tracker feature. The effortless scheduling feature makes it absolutely clear the expectations of the company of who should be where and at what time. When incidents cause adjustments to the intended schedule, you are in a position to easily evaluate the actual needs of the company and its customers. This data makes decisions on where to cut costs simpler.

Save time and money in order to focus on growing your property management business with CRM Runner.

Property management is absolutely dependent on the skills and efficiencies of staff on the ground meeting the needs of your customers. An all-inclusive CRM management system is a key contributor when it comes to meeting the challenges of time management, unexpected repair incidents, and revenue growth. CRM Runner will save you time and money through the increased efficiencies required to maintain a healthy work flow and customer satisfaction.

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