CRM is not just about technology, as you know. With the right CRM software solution, people and processes will be able to benefit greatly as well.

Therefore, what are some of the features that a good CRM software should have?

Email Blasting. Multiple platforms are difficult to use in today’s business world. By integrating email into CRM Software, you never have to leave the app to ensure that communication between team members and customer outreach is successful.

Pipeline visibility. A sales funnel should illustrate the steps necessary to sell your product or service. The report shows how many open deals you have, what stage they are at, how much support you need, and if you can meet your targets. CRM Runner’s sales funnel helps you streamline your sales process. Sorting your leads into groups is easy. With this information, you’ll know who needs to be followed up with, who has agreed to buy, and who has already paid. In order to find out what parts of your funnel need to be improved, CRM Runner automatically generates a sales report.

Inventory management. With our intuitive and inventory features, you can manage accurate stock levels at multiple locations, schedule timely procurements, keep track of frequent stock transactions, and analyze stock movement patterns efficiently. CRM Runner also allows you to manage threshold quantities of stock and maintain product quality.

Built-in collaboration tools. Effective CRM doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It affects sales, marketing, and customer service. It affects sales, marketing, and customer service. Among the features you should keep an eye out for are the ability to collaborate in real-time like chatbot integration, GPS tracking feature, share documents, and communicate effectively within the platform.

If you are interested in a CRM but are unsure where to start or concerned about the learning curve, contact our team at CRM Runner. We at CRM Runner have a dedicated team dedicated to onboarding and teaching sales reps and marketing teams how to use our CRM Software to streamline marketing and sales processes.