The IVR solution is a fully functional IVR CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that can be used to offer clients more engaging services. The IVR solution will make use of the user information that is already available and is gathered and kept in the CRM software.

The system will play more individualized IVR prompts based on the available CRM data and user interaction. This will enhance and humanize the user experience. As a result, the IVR solution that is integrated with the CRM platform can provide better services by responding to customers in a more personalized way.

Give your small business a big-business feel.

  • Call routing can be turned on to direct customers to the appropriate department. IVR increases consumer trust in your service.
  • Per phone line, turn on the IVR.
  • There are a number of IVRs available per line.
  • There is an option for voice recording or voice file upload.
  • Our phone system can speak while you type using the text-to-voice option.

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