CRM software performs a plethora of versatile job roles. A CRM system can improve the relationships with current customers, discover new customers, and win back former customers. It can facilitate collecting, organizing, and managing customer information – all in a single place.

Simply put, CRM is the catalyst for growth, enabling users to connect with their customers across every major touchpoint: marketing, sales, and service.

Look into the features of CRM Runner, a comprehensive customer relationship management software, that comes with all essential modules to manage a business to its entirety.

You can automate management of sales, marketing and customer relationships. With the implementation of CRM Runner, everything will become automated, from measuring sales performance, creating tasks or assigning them to the staff, automating office and on-field customer management processes at scale, boosting collaboration between teams, tracking on-field sales representatives, or running marketing campaigns for your business.

CRM Runner is an all-in-one platform where you can bring your entire business management and administration jobs and get all those jobs accomplished correctly. Take for example the GPS tracking module. With this module, you can track your sales representatives and on-field technicians in real-time, calculate members’ driving mileage, routes, and get reports. When required you can navigate to your customers, track tasks in hand of your on-field staff, and assign routes. All the more, your on-field employees can clock in and clock out of the job site with the GPS based system.

With the implementation of CRM Runner system, you can reduce the paper usage, remove redundancy and streamline efficiency while working with customer details. Businesses can make their entire employees aware of where their customers are in a relationship with CRM Runner at all times. Even warehousing departments can initiate the action after a sale to converse delivery and installation plans with clients.

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