Multi-location business management can present unique challenges, whether your franchises expand or your business branches out to new locations. Organizational issues range from inter-location communication to data analytics and profitability analyses.

So, why should you let such worries consume you when technological advances can provide solutions? CRM Runner is here to assist. CRM software can benefit both small and large businesses, as well as multi-location businesses of any size.

CRM Runner makes it simple to manage multiple locations!

As a company grows, franchises and multiple locations can make operations difficult. CRM RUNNER, on the other hand, allows information to be sorted by location and provides GPS tracking to ensure management is up to date on the business as a whole as well as by site.

How does CRM Runner assist you in managing multiple locations?

  • Add locations to the database to facilitate sorting in various modules.
  • To keep track of orders and performance, sort inventory by location.
  • Inventory should be moved between locations.
  • Reports can be run based on a specific location.
  • On-site, assign new leads, customers, staff members, and teams.
  • Use GPS tracking to ensure that tasks and products are moved correctly and to locate employees or equipment.

Because CRM provides a centralized database for each customer’s touchpoints and interactions, key customer information can be shared synchronously across multiple locations. Furthermore, as the name would suggest, a collaborative CRM sales platform can offer tremendous additional assistance on the front of internal collaboration through a centralized communication platform.

For example, it allows your customer service representatives to route requests to the appropriate employees. Operational automation, on the other hand, can automatically alert relevant agents to incoming queries, lowering the risk of delayed responses due to poor internal communication. Start your free 14-day trial now. Call us right away at 877.590.0040!