One of the most crucial apps for any modern business, especially those with a strong sales department, is a customer relationship management (CRM) app. Therefore, it makes sense that modern CRM software have a lot of integrations that streamline procedures and make selling even simpler.

Integrations with payment processors are among the growing trends. The new generation switches to cryptocurrency. You have the choice to incorporate cryptocurrency payments as an additional payment method in CRM RUNNER which is one of the best CRM platform.

Consider whether cryptocurrency is necessary for your business. When using cryptocurrency, there are no borders and you can accept payments from anywhere in the world at the speed of light.

Your options include:

  • Get paid in cryptocurrency.
  • You can benefit from low transaction costs.
  • Local and international money transfers immediately.
  • improved payment safety.
  • increased clientele

CRM Runner enables you to provide your customers with an excellent solution for the highly competitive crypto payments market, boosting brokerages’ earnings and traders’ convenience.

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