Integrating CRM platform is essential for managing customer data accurately and as effectively as possible. You might accomplish your “customer delight” objectives more quickly.

Integrate your CRM to get it done!

By completely integrating with your current software, CRM Runner aids in the digitization of your company. High productivity requires the integration of all front and back-end systems with business process automation using the CRM software as an enterprise portal.

How can CRM Runner assist you with the feature of integrations?

  • Make it simpler to access crucial information! The platform frequently communicates with well-known brands like QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, and Google.
  • Customers, leads, documents, and landing pages all directly incorporate information from business and social media.
  • Your CRM RUNNER database can be easily connected to VoIP phone systems, email servers, and text message services.
  • Organizing multiple locations is possible with the help of the built-in GPS tracking system.
  • To keep up with your network of leads and contacts, you can directly import information from spreadsheet databases like Excel.
  • Integration options outside of the majority of banks & telecom service providers include BigCommerce, Amazon, chat, and API.


CRM integration is a crucial step for any business, no matter how small. CRM Runner can help your company save a ton of time and money so you can concentrate on what’s important. Start your free 14-day trial now. Call us right away at 877.590.0040!