Should you purchase CRM software specifically for roofing companies? Will I make the right choice here? It is utterly crucial for a roofing and siding business to nurture its leads and manage its sales pipeline. However, the task is trickier than it first appears to be. A roofing contractor must independently manage a number of crucial and ongoing processes. You risk having nothing admirable to show for any missed chance. Here is where CRM for Roofing is created.

Benefits Of Using CRM Runner For Roofing Business

  • Dispatching: Automated scheduling is the most effective way to manage tasks and daily operations.
  • GPS Tracking: CRM Runner’s organized layout makes it simple to keep tabs on your clients, potential clients, team members, dealers, distributors, and agents from a single platform.
  • Transactions: CRM Runner provides extensive and all-inclusive transaction options that simplify conducting business.
  • Customer Service Experience: It is far more crucial to find out how your client feels about your business after working with you.
  • Maintenance Agreements: Create maintenance contracts with customers that cover the range of services specified and the time period specified.
  • Electronic Quoting: CRM Runner streamlines the process of creating invoices, managing sales, collecting and tracking payments, performing accounting and tax calculations for businesses, and using a robust real-time reporting feature to precisely gauge company growth.
  • Electronic invoicing: CRM RUNNER-designed quotes and invoices allow you to fully uphold the standard that a good business is always built on: “Customer First.”
  • Task scheduling: The scheduling function in CRM Runner enables you to further automate your workflow and expand your company. The scheduler aids in calendar review so that important events, meetings, and tasks are remembered.
  • Marketing: With CRM Runner’s assistance, you can manage all of your campaigns as well as the particular challenges specific to your industry. It enables you to organize and manage your campaigns for the best results.
  • Images & Video upload: The field agent can take pictures and videos of the job site once it has been completed. In addition, the agent can upload any type of file from any device if more proof of the claim is needed.
  • Swipe & Go: With the Swipe & Go feature, CRM RUNNER offers a platform for a hassle-free, secure, and documented payment process.


Similar to other industries, CRM for roofing companies uses creative strategies. Roofing companies can automate their processes with this ideal combination of all the necessary skills for better project management and client relations. Additionally, roof construction companies need to test out CRM Runner to see the difference. Your company will become more stable, structured, and centrally located.Please call us at 877.590.0040 to speak with one of our representatives if you have any additional questions.