You want to make your sales process more efficient. It is crucial to the success of your company. Your company’s growth will slow down if your sales team has trouble closing sales effectively, which is bad for everyone.

How can you then streamline your sales process so that all of that administrative work is completed while still giving your sales team the time they require to close deals? CRM Runner provides the solution for many businesses.

How Sales & Marketing is simplified using CRM Runner

Email blast: Today’s business environment makes it difficult to run your operations across multiple platforms. You can ensure effective team member communication and customer outreach without ever leaving CRM Runner thanks to our email integration feature.

SMS Blast: Text messages (SMS) are one of the most immediate and engaging forms of communication available to marketers today, and they work best when personalized with data.

Survey: CRM Runner offers every feature imaginable to support the expansion of your company, according to the survey. Because of this, our survey feature enables customers to provide quick feedback that your business can use to improve.

Mail Templates: The email marketing function of CRM Runner aids in a variety of inventive ways to boost sales, customer engagement, and customer retention.

Booking: CRM Runner makes booking more efficient by enabling managers to interact with customers, handle bookings and payments from clients, and produce reports.

Packages: Package automation is a proud feature of CRM Runner’s platform. Create various packages with variations to offer your customers.

Sales Funnel: A sales funnel is a diagram that shows the steps involved in selling a service or product.

Leads Assignments: CRM Runner enables you to view thorough company reports and contact information, complete sales activities, and view communication records in a single location so you can handle leads with ease.

Landing Pages: With the help of CRM Runner, you can create pages that automatically deliver the information that your visitors are most interested in.

Greetings: It’s crucial for a business to project a warm, welcoming attitude. The Greeting module in CRM Runner enables business owners and team members to take a friendly, upbeat approach to customer outreach.

Follow Up: It can be challenging to try and close deals while maintaining and preserving relationships with current clients. This challenge can be made easier and avoided with CRM Runner’s Follow-Up feature.

Referrals/Advertising: CRM Runner offers a fantastic and distinctive referral program that allows you to refer friends, coworkers, or anyone else to our solution and be entered to win a fantastic prize.

Marketing: You can manage your numerous campaigns with the aid of CRM Runner, as well as the unique difficulties unique to your sector.

White Labeling: Through our white labeling feature, CRM Runner encourages businesses to fully utilize the platform and incorporate their brand name and logo.

Contact the CRM Runner team if you’re considering a CRM but are unsure of how to get started or worried about a protracted learning curve. Please call us at 877.590.0040 to speak with one of our representatives or go for a 14-day free trial!