When you are busy or you have jobs in other cities, or your career requires you to work multiple jobs with multiple clients all at once, it can be a balancing act. Having a CRM software can help!

With a good CRM, you can keep track of your subcontractors and the projects they are working on. This way you will always be aware of their project status and what needs to be done next.

A good CRM can also help you create and assign tasks for your subcontractors. By keeping track of all the subcontractors’ work in one place, it will be easier for you to see where there are bottlenecks and how to delegate tasks better.

In short, a good CRM can help you manage your subcontractors more efficiently and help you avoid surprises down the line.

Managing customer relationships and staying on top of projects will also be easier with the right plan of action that will be streamlined while leveraging a good CRM Software. From assigning jobs to other companies, tracking their progress to handling leads more effectively, everything will be efficient.

Look into the features of CRM Runner, an end-to-end field service and office management platform, which you can use to manage your entire business operations through this single platform. In addition, you can use CRM Runner’s 3rd Party Jobs module to:

  • Create jobs and assign them to other companies
  • Assign as many jobs to as many contractors as you want
  • Track how many jobs each contractor has been assigned and get paid for them

There is no cost on your end to add contractors when using this module of 3rd Party Jobs of CRM Runner. You can try CRM Runner for 14 days for free to see how it works.