Home is where the heart is.  Homes are also where the money is, if you’re in the business of home maintenance and repair services.

Today, for a variety of reasons, more and more people are spending a lot of time at home.  As they do, they are starting to notice things that maybe didn’t bother them so much in the past.  The faucet in the guest bathroom drips.  There is a light switch that doesn’t do anything.  The water heater doesn’t seem to give the gallons of warm water it used to.  There can be a lot that goes wrong in a home.  People who spend more time at home also beat on their house more often.  Maybe there used to be five flushes a day in a home because people were at school, at work, at the bar.  Now, there are twenty-four flushes a day as people run to the powder room every five minutes.  The additional wear and tear can make things that were about to break finally snap under the heavy use.  Even though some businesses are seeing less customers come in through their doors, that might not be the case for home maintenance and repair companies.  That’s why they need CRM Software for Home Maintenance and Repair Services.

Today’s home maintenance and repair professional can take advantage of the many tools offered by high-quality CRM Software for Home Maintenance and Repair Services.

  • Work orders. Powerful, twenty-first century technology, CRM Software can help track all of your work orders and assignments.  This is especially useful for companies with a team of repair professionals.  You may want to send Frank the plumber to the Jones’ for a quick leaky faucet repair.  You need to know the price of the parts he uses and how much time the job took him.  You also need to calculate the mileage.  You might need to check his whereabouts using GPS tools.  CRM Software makes that all possible.  And when you want to send Ernie the electrician out to the Johnson residence for some bad wiring that needs repair, you can repeat the process.
  • On-the-go functionality. When Frank and Ernie are out on jobsites, what will they need to succeed?  If you want them to appear as the professionals you know they are, representing your company well, you need to make sure they are on time.  You need to make sure they can furnish an estimate and invoice.  You want them to be able to accept payment then and there (and give a receipt).  If they have a problem, you want them to be able to chat with you discreetly.  Well, the good news is that CRM Software for Home Maintenance and Repair Services offers all of that and more in a mobile application that can be accessed on a phone or tablet with internet connection.
  • Home repair professionals didn’t get into the business because they love making invoices and estimates.  Instead, they wanted people to be happy and healthy in their homes.  Templates put together professional estimates and invoices in a few clicks.

The toolbox provided by CRM Software for Home Maintenance and Repair Services helps business boom.  To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today for a free trial.