Earth-orbiting satellites constantly determine the geographic locations of objects and people. Also, it enables you to see the geographic location of your team members. You only need to provide your sales team with the CRM Runner mobile app to do this.

The system enables you to monitor the location of your sales team, to get real-time sales data, and to manage client meetings, travel expenses, and reimbursements. It also improves sales team productivity.

An integrated CRM with GPS tracking solution can be of great help to your business. Sales staff and you can benefit from it a lot.

01: Get sales data in real time

You can integrate GPS Tracking with your CRM System to identify which leads and clients your team is following up with, which sales are closing, and which follow-ups are taking place. Using this tool, you can get a bird’s eye view of your field representatives.


02: Effectively communicate with clients & manage meetings 

You can respond to a call quickly if a lead appears in your CRM or a new client contacts you. Knowing where each member of your sales team is will help you to assign the lead information and manage the client meetings efficiently. You can track team members’ whereabouts through GPS integration with the CRM System and assign them to follow up calls based on where they are headed. This will simplify managing client meetings.

03: Create a more productive sales team

The performance of the sales team directly affects the profitability of the business. Using GPS tracking data integrated with your CRM platform, you can enable them to achieve maximum productivity.

Utilize a CRM that provides GPS tracking integration for real-time sales data, efficient meeting management, travel expense management, and improved sales team productivity.

With CRM Runner, you can see in real-time every sales representative’s location on the field and instantly verify when projects and work orders were completed.

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