Employees perform best when they have all the resources they need, and the team you charge with sales via telephone is no exception.  Whereas many small and new businesses aim to tackle call center management the old-fashioned way with call lists, written notes, and a traditional phone service, these methods are inefficient and may actually be costing you more.  CRM technology ́s latest tool, CRM FREE TRIAL, provides a solution to this with tools and features that will make your employees feel like their time is being put to good use, closing more sales.

CRM RUNNER is a powerful tool that allows businesses to automate many parts of their business.  For example, call center employees can use CRM RUNNER as their time clock and time sheet.  When they log in to the software, they can start their workday by “clocking in” and end it by “clocking out.”  This provides accountability for work hours as well as a fast and easy way to calculate time sheets for payroll.

Once logged in, the call center employee can review his calendar, schedule, and to-do list.  Those charged with sales can review the Sales Funnel to see their freshly assigned leads and get in contact with one-click dialing using affordable VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol).  Each employee can have his own phone number using this technology, complete with voicemail.  Packages to integrate this service are usually more affordable than traditional phone services.  Once on the line, employees can update contact details and maintain call notes.  Inventory is available for review to answer customer questions.

The Sales Funnel tool allows your team to manage calls based on the customer’s current commitment to your product and services. Those best at cold calling have a separate call list than your closers.  The sales funnel tool is updated by drag and drop technology so updating these lists is effortless.

GPS technology shows current locations in real time for your call center employees.  Locations of equipment, staff, customers, and franchises are all shown on a map with access to street view.  This is a valuable tool when it comes to companies that dispatch service staff or offer delivery of their product.

Call center employees who process sales will find the software easy to use, especially for processing payments and returns.  CRM RUNNER generates invoices and receipts using templates and can provide return authorization numbers should it be necessary.  Payment is collected in CRM RUNNER using full integration of your current service provider.

Call center technology is more affordable than many business owners realize, potentially saving money.  A great investment, CRM RUNNER is easy to learn and comes with user support for your organization.  Increase sales using this advanced technology, giving your call center team the tool it needs to be successful.

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