Word in the field of construction, contracting, and framers is that more and more professionals are turning to a little piece of software for help:  CRM Software for Framers.

Framers know how to build a lot of things.  They know how to build houses, that’s for sure.  They also know how to build a business, so long as their business is still standing at the end of each year, that is.  Imagine running a business like a framing contracting firm without the right technological support to make your business run properly.  Wow! What a blunder.  That’s why the professionals, the brilliant ones at least, use CRM Software for Framing Contractors.

CRM Software for Framing Contractors is the tool the professionals cannot stop raving about. You would think they would say that nails, hammers, or timber were the bread and butter of the business.  And sometimes you would be right.  However, today, many people in the field of construction, and especially framers, are saying their go-to tool for automated, twenty-first century business success is… drumroll please:  CRM Software for Framing Contractors.

Here is how the software helps build a better business:

  1. Landing pages. How does one build a great structure?  With a solid foundation.  How does one build a great business?  With a solid foundation… a solid foundation of interested leads who are hot to burn a little dough on framing that new construction project.
  2. The sales funnel tool reigns supreme. This tool does wonders to automate sales efforts, even when it seems like nothing else has worked.  Now, in the world of business, there are no guarantees, and there is always risk.  Afterall, the golden rule of being a contractor is DTA.  Don’t. Trust. Anyone.  However, we can still say with a certain degree of confidence that once you go sales funnel, you never go back!  This tool organizes your leads under a person’s name.  Your newbie can field requests for estimates.  Your closer can cinch any deal.  Every time the name of the client pops up on their screen while using CRM Software, all they have to do is click on it to pull the phone number and client information.
  3. If you enable VoIP, voice over internet protocol, then you can do even more. You can click on the phone number and have the customer on the line in seconds.  Hello?  How’s that framing estimate looking?  Are we doing the job or what?  Get the final answer.  Make more money!

Framers know what they do.  They construct frames for buildings, residential, commercial, civic, and more.  They construct their business from the bottom up, and CRM Software for Framing Contractors is the most valuable tool they keep in the box.

To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today.  We offer a free trial so you can see how the software stands up to your expectations.