7 Simple and Easy Features the Best CRM Systems Have

If you’re hoping a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software might make it easier for your company to function and generate more revenue, you’re right… so long as the system is simple and easy for you and your staff to use. Otherwise, it could become an expensive tool no one at the company uses.

Features the Best CRM Systems

Using a simple CRM software is the easiest way to increase the efficiency of a small business.

Many CRM systems have varying features within certain packages or level of usage. You only want to pay for what you really need and what makes the most sense for your team. Before you buy anything, consider what sort of information would make it easier to run your business. For example, if you run a delivery business, maybe what you need to see in your reports is how long it takes each employee to run a certain number of deliveries. Look for a CRM with features to track progress and make decisions faster when it comes to top performers and how many people would be required to increase deliveries.

A simple, easy-to-use CRM software will cut down on the administrative work load which likely falls on a business manager who could better use his time improving customer relationships. Aided by the right data automatically collected by a CRM system, business managers have more time to develop products and services that appeal to their loyal customer base.  With managers focusing their time on more important tasks the possibility for growth and revenue increases. Whenever corners are cut without losing quality, a business is set up to succeed.

7 Features You’ll Find in the Best CRM Systems

When you’re ready to look around at different CRM systems, there are 7 basic features which definitely stand out for user-friendly implementation in work life.

1: The best CRM systems offer accessibility everywhere via mobile applications.

If you own or operate a small business, you likely wear several hats. The best CRM systems for small businesses tend to include a mobile app to allow managers to access vital business information no matter where they find themselves. In addition to a desktop application for the office, a CRM system available on a mobile app will keep you up-to-date. For example, if a customer has a question you can answer in a timely manner while on-the-go and the CRM will track it and then all staff can see it in real time instead of waiting to hear it from you when you get back in the office.

2: Role-based access is another key feature for small business owners looking for the best CRM system.

While your CRM system should be easy for anyone to use, not everyone should have access to the reports managers need in order to make decisions for the betterment of the company. A simple CRM software system should allow for managers to choose who can view what reports as well as who can use certain features.

3: The best CRM systems of 2019 offer GPS Tracking.

Knowing where your staff is and how long it takes them to complete work are valuable data points to consider for hiring and scheduling purposes. The best CRM systems offer GPS tracking for people as well as property – know when company vehicles or equipment are checked out for work use and the longevity of the items purchased by the company.

4: The best CRM software comes equipped with customization reporting

Even businesses within the same industry do not necessarily thrive in the same system of operation. You want to find a CRM system which allows for customization reports so your managers have the information they truly need to increase company efficiencies. For example, rather than knowing only what products are ordered, maybe what you really want to know is how much of a product is bought by your loyal client base in order to get dud products out of your inventory and make room for the upgrades your customers really want. Customization reports will help a business manager employing a CRM platform narrow down what is truly valuable for the business to know in order to improve customer satisfaction.

5: Real-time tracking is a vital component to a simple CRM system

Answer customers asking for an ETA from their service technician with the click of a button rather than multiple texts and phone calls. This level of awareness is a critical component to customer satisfaction. Most customers who abandon a business for a competitor do so if they are treated like a number rather than a valued member of the brand team. Additionally, answer your own need-to-know questions on the go with real-time tracking on the progress of the work day.

6: The best CRM systems offer integration for invoicing and popular communication channels.

Your business has likely lived longer than your search for a CRM software solution – you may already have practices and software systems with vital information. You want to find a simple CRM software which will integrate the information you already have without a lot of hassle or longer man hours transferring everything over to the CRM platform.

7: Automated quotes and invoicing are included in the best CRM systems.

Automating whatever you need to make business operations move more smoothly will save time and money in the long run. Quotes for typical work orders can be sent without drawing up a whole new document every time the order is made. Similarly, an integrated system for invoicing and receiving payments make billing and getting paid easier than ever before.

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