One of the most significant marketing channels currently available in almost all industries is email. But a far too large number of businesses run their email campaigns using software that restricts their capacity to gain real value from every email they send, even the ones that are unsuccessful, beyond just opens and clicks.

Even emails that don’t result in a successful action can still provide useful information and enhance subsequent outreach if marketing campaigns collect more data.

How CRM RunnerHelps Improve Email Marketing

Tie Email Directly into the CRM’s Database

When emails are sent using CRM Runner, each email and its outcome is automatically linked to the appropriate lead account. This transforms each email campaign into a valuable source of customer information and enables sales and marketing personnel to quickly and conveniently refer to previous email results, such as open rates, click-through rates, and more, from within a lead account while they are working on a sale. No standalone autoresponder can match that level of data management, collection, and usability. The best CRM Software transforms email into a tool for business intelligence as well as promotion.

Automate More Email Communications

Large-scale campaigns can be easily automated using common email marketing tools. They make it simple for businesses to send out email series that automatically deliver one after another on a predetermined schedule. CRM tools for email can also do that and do it just as well. However, they go much further in terms of the kinds of emails that they let businesses automate. Individually targeted emails, such as the crucial follow-up and retention emails, can also be automated because everything in CRM Runneris connected to the lead database. Other communication channels like the phone or text can also be considered by automation.

Minimize Platform Hopping

A side benefit of centralizing email marketing—and all email communications, in general—into a CRM is that it reduces the number of platforms staff members must switch between all day. That reduces training and saves time with everything from logins to sending data back and forth. Although it may seem insignificant, even the smallest gains in productivity add up over time, making CRM Runner a very potent time-saving tool.

CRM Runner is a top CRM system that unifies marketing and communications and connects them to a business’ lead database, sales tools, and other resources.

Through the use of CRM Runner, daily email, text messages, phone calls, and email marketing campaigns automatically feed data into lead accounts, giving salespeople easy access to more customer information and ensuring the most informed, prepared, and frictionless sales process possible. Please call us at 877.590.0040 to speak with one of our representatives or go for a 14-day free trial!